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Friday, August 31, 2012

We get around Part 2...

So where else have DH and I been this busy August?

One place that we went to was the annual dinner for the Tingalpa Pioneer Church and Cemetery. DH's cousin, Pamela and her brothers have been involved with this group (Friends of Tingalpa Cemetery Heritage group)for a number of years. Through their father's side they are related to early pioneers in this area and of course these ancestors are buried in the little cemetery. The group, by their efforts have rescued this piece of history and have restored both the little wooden church and  the graveyard. You can read a little bit about the group here. DH is related to Pamela through her mother but we always support the group by attending this dinner every August.

Jackie Butler who has been the driving force of the group

These nights are well known for their raffles...heaps of prizes!

DH and I won this! This place has beautiful fresh seafood :-)

A view of the church and part of the cemetery

Pamela's brother recently got married in the little church; that's her behind the happy couple
(DH and I weren't at that wedding, just want to show the church being used)

DH and I also went to see an Aussie made movie in August, 'The Sapphires'. It was a really enjoyable 'feel good' movie, set in the time of the Vietnam War. The Sapphires of the title are a female pop group who happen to be indigenous. There's humour, pathos and a few parts that made me cringe because the film touched on some of the racial issues, including the 'stolen generation'. But I loved the film. (we used movie vouchers that DH had got as gifts, so it was a 'cheap date :-) )

Friday night last week DH and I caught the train to the city and walked up to King George Square to the BrisStyle Indie Markets. And wow what an adventure...there were so many stalls...
 And all these stalls were selling the most beautiful handcrafted items.
A bit blurry but I wanted to get a photo of the city hall with the lighting
That evening after we'd walked around the markets (well I walked and looked and chatted with stallholders, while poor DH 'hovered') we had another treat; dinner in the city.
But you know the 'gadabouts' still had one more special outing in August... DH was able to get some 'cheap tickets' to Cirque du Soleil Ovo from LastTix online.

The circus was at Hamilton, just near the cruise terminal

I took this photo of the circus ring before the show; through the dimness you might discern a giant egg...
No photos of course during the show but here are some excellent trailers of the show here and here. What a show! The acrobats, highwire and trapeze artists were amazing, as was the imaginative set. A really enjoyable show. We were fortunate to get the opportunity to go and see it for ourselves as our friends have 'raved' about how good the Cirque du Soleil shows have been over the years, but we had never been.


Nurdan said...

Photos showed me one more time how an exciting life you lead down there! I would not call you "a retired teacher" you are sooo busy indeed!

Loved all those moments kept in your photos!

Greetings from the northern part of our planet!

Dorothy said...

I'm hearing more and more about The Sapphires. Maybe I need to see if its on anywhere near where I live. You've certainly had a very busy social life. I love those type of markets - used to really enjoy the beach markets at Surfers Paradise whenever we were up there. Great atmosphere. Have a good weekend.xoxox

Becky said...

What a fabulous month you have had. I'm so glad. Wonderful times and memories I'm sure. I would LOVE that Market!

Tanya said...

It was great to read about a passionate community (you belong to so many!), where would be without them. I too have heard a lot of good things about the Sapphires and look forward to seeing it one day. I also liked seeing the town hall lit up, mainly for nostalgic reasons but I do honestly and without bias think it is one of the nicest buildings in Australia.

Sue Grier said...

It was so great to meet you that Friday Night at the markets. It truly was a magical night there.

jeanetteann said...

Looks like you had such fun. It's nice to do something different now and then. We love Queensland too.