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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

We get around...Part 1

DH and I live quite a simple and frugal life, but we do 'splash out' occasionally when it comes to entertainment. We're fortunate that now that our children are independent, we're able to afford the pleasure of the theatre for example. Recently we had quite a run of outings that have been very enjoyable...

On the second Saturday in August, DH and I drove up to Buderim to attend a performance of a play, '1912-Titanic'. It was a production of the BYTE company (Buderim Youth Theatre of Excellence). This company is run by a former student of mine, Robyn, and the play was written by her younger sister Peta. I have been friends of this family for many years and am very proud of the achievements of not only Robyn and Peta, but also those of their mother Pat, and their brother Stuart.

The front of the memorial hall in Buderim, the venue for the show

A new development across the road from the hall

Pat and Robyn at the front desk; the Goodwins got a front row seat!

Waiting for the show to begin...

The following are some photos that Pat took during the show...
Costuming was delightful, the acting superb...a very talented cast....

This is Katherine, Robyn's daughter. She is a wonderful actor!

 Peta, researched stories of 'real people' who were on the Titanic. She cleverly wove their stories from before they set sail with the voyage itself and of course, the sinking. As the production continued, interrelationships between these passengers were also revealed. All the 'pieces' were fitting together. Video footage was included and an excellent soundtrack. One delightful touch I thought was when the ship hit the iceberg, as well as sound effects, small chunks of ice were thrown in the dimness  from the stage! lol
This actor was playing the famous Molly Brown character; she did a brilliant job in this role.
Then the next day DH and I went to the theatre again...ages ago we had got some tickets in a group booking for Jersey Boys. We had seen the show in Melbourne nearly 3 years ago but had decided to repeat the experience. We were not was a fun night!

We got to the QPAC complex rather early so we sat on the terrace enjoying the view of the city

Not a very clear photo of the stage before the show started.
So 2 different theatre experiences in one weekend; how lucky are we? One, small and intimate with so much exuberance and talent and the other, a big production costing lots of money, but with the same enthusiasm and talent of the cast and crew.

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Sue Grier said...

Yes I think the theatre is fantastic as well. So many amazing talented people out there.