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Sunday, August 12, 2012


Guess who aged 18; white shawl, white gloves, white carnations and white lace curtains!

Once again I'm joining in with Evi over at Sister Sun and today I've chosen some photos with 'White' as the focus. I was never a debutante so did not have the long white evening dress. The year that I graduated from teachers' college ( at 19) was the first year that a long white dress was not mandatory; we were free to wear colours. So I did; I wore a peach coloured crepe dress with gold braid trims! 

At my first wedding I wore white, I have often owned and worn white shoes; when I was younger I wore white gloves with ballgowns. I remember Maggie Tabberer (an Australian model from the 50s and 60s) saying that all women should have a white shirt/blouse in their wardrobes and when I wore more formal work clothes, I did indeed have a number of white shirts. 

In Australia it's often said that if you are going to eat beetroot...don't wear white as you will invariably spill the beetroot on those white garments. Tennis players and lawn bowls players once only wore white...but not any more! are my photos for this week...

 The photo above is of my nephew Edward who is wrapped up in a baby blanket that I had made for him. I used lots of colours but 'framed' them with white
The photo below is the first quilt that I ever made. It was made of rosettes/suffolk puffs and colours are sewn into blocks and then edged by a row of white rosettes.

This is on the deck of the Queen Mary which is now a hotel in Long Beach CA

One of our cousin's golden retrievers

Holding my great niece Lucy who is wearing a little 'peasant style' blouse that I gave her and I'm wearing one of my favourite blouses.

Snow field near Saltlake City

Coming from sub tropical Brisbane, I found Saltlake City a bit cold...

A model of the Mormon temple in Temple Square information centre

A model of an astronaut in Evergreen Aeronautical and  Space Museum just outside Portland

A model of the moon buggy

Workers cottages in Cannery Row

The lovely crisp white sheets on the bed in our hotel in Monterey

What was originally the dining room in Alcatraz Prison in San Francisco Bay

An unknown jogger on the path beside a lake in central Park, NY

The magnificent Guggenheim Gallery, NY

I rode this ferris wheel at Niagara while DH preferred to stay on the ground and take photos!

Ice and white spray in a section of Niagara Falls

The closest we could get to the White House was the 'back gate'; note the 2  black shapes on the roof?  Men with big guns!!!

Still on the subject of the White House...this is the gown that Michelle Obama wore to the Inaugural Ball (on display with other first lady gowns in the Smithsonian)  

The statue of Abe in the Lincoln Memorial

I was so entranced by the beauty of the Basilica and bell tower (leaning tower) in Pisa. It is built of the most exquisite white just don't do it justice

The photo above shows my DDs playing 'dress ups'. DD1 is wearing my wedding dress and veil (but not the original headdress) and DD2 is dressed as the groom!! (Those 2 always loved to dress up when they were girls!) Now below is yours truly wearing the same dress...

This is DD1 and I

Here is DD2 and husband
Sadly both those marriages ended in divorce so these photos rarely see the light of day any more.


ozgrkdn said...

Hi,Maria what a wonderful travel!I love your nephew:)))and him blanket:)Lucy's blouses,snow,(yes,very cold ofcourse;than aus.:)....annnnnd Niagara, amazing..Thank yours:)))

Linn said...

Don't the years fly by! Lovely photos of your family and travels.

Nurdan said...

Lovely photos from a life full of memories!
Each photo brought some precious memories to our time from your personal history! I loved to join the tour to your history!

Happy Monday and a Happy week!

Becky said...

Love your white photos... especially those from your travels - one day I hope to be able to travel some over seas as well.

Mary said...

Those are a great span of times, people and places....I
Know about the cold in Salt it's hot!