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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Port of Brisbane...

This part of my city is like another world to me. The old port was in the city reach of the river when I was a child, but now the port is near the mouth of the Brisbane river and somewhere that I don't really go to . Today DH and I delivered all the knitted/crocheted items to the Mission to Seafarers which is at the Port of Brisbane. In my typical fashion, I took lots of photos of our drive and our visit to the Mission. :-)

Just before we turn on to the P.O.B motorway

Lots of trucks on this road

These are roadworks to make the motorway wider
There's the sign...Port of Brisbane

A lovely view of the river from the road

Lots of birds roosting on the little island in the river

Lots of shipping containers all piled up, in this part of town...

The loading and unloading gantrys in the distance

Our destination...

DH handing over the box of items from K4BN, to Adrian the manager, and the 2 lovely volunteers

I took some photos inside the mission. There is also a small room set up as a chapel. It is furnished with a beautiful wooden altar and a magnificent stained glass window. Too dark to take a photo though. There is also a 'shop' in the complex which sells basic groceries and Aussie souvenirs; apparently Australian made chocolate is very popular with the sailors :-)  If any of the sailors want to go to a larger shopping centre, the volunteers drive them to nearby Wynnum. At one side of the building there is a large covered area, set up with a BBQ and tables and chairs. One of the local Rotary Clubs has also put in some garden beds, planted with screening shrubs. 

And outside the front of the mission building is this...

It was a very uplifting experience touring the facility and the appreciation and gratitude from the staff was just so nice.


Dorothy said...

I don't think I've ever been to that part of Brisbane. Thanks for the tour - very interesting. Congratulations to your group for the wonderful donations to the Mission to Seafarers. I imagine it would be very cold at sea.

Nurdan said...

Dear Maria,
Thanks for the trip to Brisbane! Hope one day I'll be able to see all by my own eyes :)
Thanks for such lovely sharing!