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Monday, August 20, 2012

Finally finished and posted...

In the July FNSI, one of the projects that I worked on, was a dog coat...I finished one that night but had hoped to get more done. So over the next month I procrastinated and dithered, and all the while, the weather was cold and the dogs at the Animal Angels refuge were 'doing it tough'.

So last week I took a break from charity knitting (and sewing up knitting) and with 'determination and steely resolve' sewed up another 4 coats.  I not only sewed them, but wrote a cover note to Evana, the lady who runs things at the refuge,bundled up the coats and took them to the Post Office. Where I was pleasantly surprised how economical the postbag and postage was.

The coats have been received and much appreciated, so all is good :-) Even though it took me ages to get the coats made, sewing them is an easier option to knitting a dog coat and by the time I sewed the 5th one, I'd completely got back into the swing of sewing on ribbing etc. I was just out of practice! When we have a Homeless Connect Day, dog coats and blankets are always popular as many homeless people treasure their animals and will often be reluctant to take items for themselves but will ask for a dog coat for their pet. So I plan to sew some coats for K4BN, ready for next winter.
And to think DH was worried that I wouldn't have enough to keep me busy when I retired! lol


kaiteM said...

That is funny - but how will you spend your time??
Great going with the dog coats, they will be very appreciated.

Nurdan said...

Dear Maria,
I admire your path which you've chosen for helping other people or animals! Bravo

The dog coat looks so lovely :))