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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Bits and pieces...

Some of my family get really cross about items which appear in newspapers or are included in television news that they consider not to be news. Now I have never got into a discussion with DH and my stepdaughters about the semantics involved in this...that is..'what does the term 'news' actually mean or even infer'? I certainly don't let myself get too stressed about the subject but I am aware that often the media does control the news and the 'slant' taken and how much time (or space in newspapers etc) is given to each news item.

The Courier Mail is a Brisbane based newspaper and today it was full of the not so good news, especially in the first part of the paper. let me see...there were articles about disappointed Olympians, the closure of one runway at Brisbane airport for a number of months which will cause havoc, according to the report. Another item discussed issues that have led to a Rally of teachers outside state parliament; another report was about an elderly couple who were the victims of a 'home invasion' and another item reported that changes to legislation now means that more state government worker will lose their jobs. Depressed yet???

Awful things continue to happen in Syria and a Brisbane couple have spent $1 million on legal fees over 11 years and still have not reached a divorce settlement...hmmm maybe that wasn't really news, but it was in the paper! lol But my favourite article in today's paper was this (see below) my family's standards it is not news...but hey! it made my day.

Double click on the scanned article so it's readable :-)
For a little while I have been a contributor to another blog knitminestrone. This blog is about a group of knitters creating something with scraps/oddments/ends of yarn. I've really only been working on my 'piece' in the last week or so. I made some balls of yarn after tying yarn oddments together. The scraps were all languishing in the bottom of my various knitting project bags and they are certainly a motley lot! 

The second ball I 'made' out of scrap

I'm making a blanket with the scraps but I have black yarn (from a 400gram ball) as a background. 

Here's a tiny peek at the 'minestrone' blanket; it has 260 stitches and I'm using 4.50 circular needles.

When I 'unveil' my progress with this project on the other blog, I'll also post an updated photo on this blog.

I have come to the conclusion that I have to do some sort of stocktake/inventory of my yarn stash as well as my fabric stash. I realise that this process will mean absolute chaos and messiness for awhile until everything is sorted out. I know that I have items stashed in all manner of places and spots in the house and it's time to be more organised. Wish me luck! lol


creations.1 said...

Oh dear... Stocktake of yarn and fabric....I have been in the throws of doing that for several weeks now... and I am still finding bits I have 'safely' put!!! I have managed to reduce some of each tho so all is good. Good luck wit your 'stacktake'!!

ozgrkdn said...

Hi,my daughter's blog LookbookUnlimited is began broadcasting...I hope your support her:)))Have a nice day:))

Maa said...

Maria, My last stash of oddments was donated to a school. Then I started all over again. I've been thinking about what I might do with all these bits and pieces. Can't wait to see what creation you come up with. Sue

kaiteM said...

Maria that nest of baby joey and baby wombat really made my morning too, even if only a mother could love them. Your black and blues piece is looking intriguing, you do some very interesting things with yarn and a needle or two.
Hey, make sure you check behind the books on the shelf and the cat tins in the cupboard for yarn, oh and also in the freezer! hah ha

Becky said...

I think when it comes to "News" we NEED the lighter stuff to balance all the depression out there. And good luck with the yarn and fabric stash clean-up and out... I hate to part with any of my stash ; especially with the prices on fabric and yarn going up and up. I need clothes - I need to sew!

duchess_declutter said...

oh those two are so sweet - just love the little smile on the wee wombat. Sad there are so many of these orphans though.
Good luck with the sorting!
cheers Wendy