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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

What a day this has been...

Yes it's been a busy day with an interesting adventure in the morning. Now this adventure started a few weeks ago, when a fellow member of K4BN wrote on the forum that she was coming to Brisbane (from Coraki in northern NSW)) for a few days in August.  Now I knew that this member had made a rather interesting New Year's resolution this year. She resolved to visit as many Spotlight stores as she could in the year. I also knew that she had visited a number in her home state, a number in Victoria and a few in the Brisbane area. But she hadn't visited the store near my place, so I wrote a message on the forum saying I'd be happy to pick her up and take we organised it for today.

When the 9.48 train arrived on Platform 2, I scanned those getting off the train...then I saw R! She knew who I was as I was the only person waiting!

So at about 9.45 I was on the platform at Alderley station waiting for R's train from the city. Then off we went on the 5minute drive to Spotlight where we were to meet another member, E. E lives in Brisbane and particularly wanted to meet R. Why? Well R collects items from K4BN members in northern NSW; these items, usually a number of boxes are collected by another lady, D, and she brings the boxes etc to Brisbane, specifically to E's place. E then passes all those items on to Karen who is the organiser of the group who lives just north of Brisbane...quite a network eh?

When E arrived I introduced the ladies to each other and then we headed into the store.

R sets a target of buying 3 balls of yarn per store. So we checked out the yarns, all the time chatting as though we'd known each other for years!

Some how we got talking to a young member of staff after we'd asked her to check out availability of certain colours. We ended up telling her about Rosanne's quest/resolution! This young staffer mentioned all of this to 'those out the back'.

Young Sarah was very helpful and was happy to pose for a photo :-)
Before long the Regional Manager (who happened to be spending time in this store) came out to talk to R. R told her of her meeting in Melbourne, with Zac Fried who is the big boss/owner of Spotlight. Apparently Zac had told R that she reminded him of his mother who also knitted.

here we are posing for a photo with the Regional Manager of Spotlight stores

More photos followed, including some with my friend Karen K, who works at that Spotlight store.

We've just come through the checkout here; R and E are with my friend Karen K
Now you're probably wondering whether this yarnaholic blogger bought some yarn? well yes as a matter of fact I did. I was wildly extravagant in fact!! I bought 2 skeins of yarn that cost...cough cough... erm... $14.99 each. yep you read right...but I had a gift card with $30 on it so it was ok! lol as you can see, it's beautiful yarn made up of a number of different fibres.

Eventually we went to the checkout, chatted some more outside the store, then it was time for me to take R back to the city to meet up with her husband and head off for an appointment.

After that, there was time for me to have a quick lunch at home and then head off for Sisters of stitch where I had a lovely couple of hours chatting and today I took along some crocheting. (just some squares)

Show and tell time at Sisters of Stitch; this member in her 80's shows us her completed quilt; it was beautiful!
After dinner I headed off to parish sewing bee at a friend's house, but when I got there I found that it wasn't on. I handed in some sewing and gleefully headed for home. Now I had time to work on my blog and read others' blogs too :-) Bliss after a busy day!


kaiteM said...

Whew, i'm exhausted after just reading your blog tonight. I hope DH had dinner ready for you!

Nurdan said...

I liked to read your daily adventure a lot :) nPictures are amazing; you looked like "Golden Girls of Australia" :))

Thank you for sharing such lovely moments with us!

Dorothy said...

Well I was going to say I'm exhausted but I see KaiteM beat me to it !! You sure had a full-on day didn't you? I know R from last years K4C confab and she's a bundle of fun. The Spottie people must love her. I'm off to the Canberra craft fair tomorrow so I might have something to blog about tomorrow night.

Mary said...

Happy get together and pretty it.

Becky said...

WOW! Sounds like you had a wonderfully full day!

Rosanne said...

Thank you Maria for this wonderful day. I enjoyed meeting you and Elizabeth and the staff girls of Spotlight Everton Park. Q.

Thank you also to Dorothy for those words...(I know R from last years K4C confab and she's a bundle of fun.) Thank you, a bundle of fun... that's nice. I think if must be the people I meet... Rosanne.