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Sunday, August 5, 2012


Once again I'm joining in with Evi's feature over at Sister Sun. This week the focus is on grey...

this nifty little machine was parked on a station in Melbourne

A few greys here, instrument panel and seat cover; and dare I say it? some grey hairs too! DH at the controls of a flight simulator at the Gold Coast. Another birthday gift one year :-)

One of the hire cars that we used in the US last year

The old aircraft carrier 'Midway' in San Diego. It features a museum and a restaurant

Some greys in Singapore

Some greys in Cologne (Koln). The cathedral is in the background 

View of cable cars in Hong Kong

Grey skies and buildings in HK

Grey skies above Jedburgh Cathedral (ruins) in Scotland

A warship in HK harbour

Sean Connery in a grey suit (at Mde Tussaud's in London) 

Fog (smog?) in Hong Kong

The top of the cable car in Stanser Horn (Switzerland)

Fences stop tourists getting too close to this British icon nowadays...

These greys are in Singapore
This tawny frogmouth was a visitor to our backyard a few month's ago
Queen Charlotte Pass; in winter the snow would be up to the floor level of the ski lift 'hut'

War memorial honouring women (London)

And the last 2 'grey photos' are of my Aussie grandparents, Rita and Bob


kaiteM said...

Rita is the most beautiful grey there, she is very lovely. And for greys you need go no further than Hobart, there the sky is more often grey than blue.

Becky said...

Your grays are wonderful. I may do a gray post once I find out whats going on with one of our cats later today. Tight now I have to get ready for work.

DEB said...

Thanks for taking me on a world tour even though it was grey is was enlightening.

Nurdan said...

It was really great to join your worldwide "grey tour" !

I enjoyed it too much :))Thanks for sharing and taking us with you!


Susan said...

I too loved flitting around the world in your grey post Maria!
Love the womens' memorial in London. The last two photos are so charming :D)

Sue Grier said...

So much grey around the world. But really loved the last two photo's of your grandparents.