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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Our day at the 'Ekka'; Part 1....

Each year the Royal National Association hosts the Exhibition here in Brisbane for 10 days in August. (It used to be 9 days but quite a few years ago, it started opening on the Sunday) When I was a child we usually referred to it as the 'Show' but over the years it's become more likely to be know as the "Ekka'. The basis of the show is that it is an Agricultural Show/Fair.
As a child, I loved the exhibition! My mother was not really well enough to take me (she had MS), and as well, she loathed crowds. We had a lovely neighbour who would take me as well as her grandchildren. Dad would give her 10 shillings which was to pay for what ever I did or ate during the day. We would take a packed lunch (mum always made egg and lettuce sandwiches for me) but we would also buy some hot chips (made with Tasmanian potatoes), a meat pie and an icecream. I was allowed to buy 2 sample bags; the Eta showbag with little jars of peanut pastes and mayonnaise etc and the Minties bag that obviously had heaps of lollies and little puzzles etc. I also went on just 2 rides, the little steam train and the merry-go-round.  Quite modest spending compared to what some people buy these days, but I loved it!!!

We'd walk around for what seemed like hours (when you are a child!) looking at the animals and displays of produce. Then we would sit on open-air seats to watch the ring events. There would be show jumping, sheepdog trials, trotting races, clowns, judging of animals etc. The children would be rummaging through their showbags as well as watching the ring events. The fireworks were on later in the evening and I always thought they were wonderful. Nowadays Fireworks' displays are 'a dime a dozen'; even a large retail shop near us puts on a fireworks' display in their carpark once a year! But not then. So the show's fireworks were special. I first went to the show on my own when I was in my final year of high school. I continued to go occasionally and of course took my daughters to the show. Then I guess I just stopped going. In 2001-2004 I taught at a 2 teacher school which was just across the road from the Exhibition grounds. That school had a tradition of taking the whole school ( 39 children) to the show so for 3 years I went with those children...but it doesn't really count as 'going to the show' does it ?
For a number of years DH has asked me if I wanted to go to the show...every year I said no...but this year when he again asked, I said yes! And so we did...
This is how our day went...

Waiting at the station; as Seniors DH and I got a return ticket for $3 each!

The next photos show some of the scenes in the Beef Cattle Pavilion...

We saw exhibitors 'vacuuming' their cattle with these!
Grooming animals ready for judging

These buildings were the horse stalls

This was actually a 'Auctioneering Competition'; Boy could those entrants 'gabble'! lol

Some of the sheep and lambs in the Animal Nursery

Ducks in the Animal Nursery having a rest

3 sweet little kids


Walking through the Animal nursery

little chicks just near the tripod
More to come in Part 2...


Nurdan said...

I liked your today's post very much! All animals look so cute! But I loved Llamas and Alpacas most!

kaiteM said...

Thanks for taking me back to the Ekka Maria, i went there once when i lived in Brissie.