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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Another Quick Trip to Toowoomba...

Poor DsD1 is still in hospital as she awaits the birth of their first baby. Because her home is 4-5 hours away from Toowoomba and its medical specialists, the obstetrician has kept her there under supervision and care.
So on the Monday before last, DH and I took another trip up to visit her. The road to Toowoomba from Brisbane is good and traffic was light on the mostly dual carriage way highway.

St Vincent's Hospital is like a lot of hospitals with old and new sections and with lots of 'rabbit warren' corridors and confusing levels! ( yes I did get lost when I attempted to go out to the car park on my own and had to ask a staff member where the exit to the front of the building was! Lol)

Some nice landscaping near the front entrance...

DH went into the CBD for was a great view from the rooftop car park.

We planned to head back to the hospital for another short visit later in the afternoon, but before that, DH suggested a drive to the new airport that has been built just outside Toowoomba. This airport was built by private enterprise; a local family company.

We could see the terminal building on our right  had a few kilometre drive straight ahead before the road curved around....

Nearly there!

The drop off area for passengers...

Parking is free for 3 hours, so we parked in the large one level car park and walked to the terminal...yes! I did say 'free'!

The terminal is very nice, but as there were no flights due in the next 2 hours that day, it was very quiet and the coffee shop was closed.

As we were leaving, a shuttle bus arrived but I was a bit slow getting a just a part of the bus is in the photo! Lol. If you look at the lettering on the right of the photo you may see that this airport is known as Wellcamp Airport, situated in Brisbane West...about 2 hours west of Brisbane actually 😉.

Driving to and from the airport, I got to see more of the Toowoomba area than I normally see. Hopefully next visit, we can go to a favourite spot of mine there...Picnic Point.

Friday, February 23, 2018

A Second Birthday! 

February has been a busy month and one special event was our eldest granddaughter's second birthday celebrations.
The actual birthday was on a Thursday and some of the family gathered at the playground at a local library for a little morning tea, some gift giving followed by Rhyme Time in the library. DH and I decided that we would give our gifts to the birthday girl that day...

Another 2 titles in the much loved 'hippo series' by Hazel Edwards as we knew how much Miss A loves  'There's a Hippopotamus on our Roof Eating Cake'!

To help act out the stories we added a lovely hippo puppet and a wooden High Tea set. ( forgot to take a photo of the latter, but it had lots of 'cakes' in the box! Lol

DsD2 said that the puppet would be a hit and later on sent us a photo of Miss A, napping with him/her 😍.

The big celebration was on the Saturday. The venue was Bunya Crossing Reserve which is situated on Bunya Creek, just north of our suburb. It's a very popular place for families, just like all the river and creek crossings where my generation would swim in the 50s and 60s...very few pools in those days!

And the bunting I made for A's first birthday had its second airing...( two photos of it merged into one)

I still wasn't very well, so settled myself into a chair and cuddled grandchildren...

The thoughtful birthday girl took time out to check on her baby cousin...

And of course every birthday party needs a birthday cake and DsD2 made a cute duck cake...

What a lovely way to celebrate a birthday!

Monday, February 19, 2018

St Valentine's Day; 1968 and 2018

When I read through my 50 year old diary earlier this year, I was both charmed by part of the entry  for February 14 and also found some of the entry cringeworthy! Lol. Then I shared with my schoolmates with whom I'm still in contact. 

Yes, my classmate Richard gave me an iced biscuit with a heart piped on it with 'M' in the middle. Now Richard  and I are friends on Facebook, so I sent him just the first 4 lines. He didn't remember it of course but we had a laugh together. 

Here he is at a class reunion a few years ago...

The diary entry shows that I was a fiery girl...apparently a fellow student called Pat P accused me of sending him a love letter for Valentine's Day. From what I wrote, I seemed to know it was another student with the initials CP who wrote this letter. I've checked the class photo and there were 2 people with these initials. I couldn't imagine one of them writing it but the other was a great mate of mine with a wicked sense of humour and I CAN imagine her writing it. Lol!!! You see, this Pat P was a real sleaze...if he sat next to you in the library, he would rub his foot up and down a girl's leg 😬. Maybe that's why I slapped him that day in 1968! Fiery!!!

Anyway enough of the past...DH and I rarely celebrate Valentine's Day by going out to a restaurant, usually preferring to having a nice home cooked meal. Sometimes I might be surprised with some flowers and sometimes I would buy DH a nice bottle of red. But this year my friend who owns a cafe was having a special St Valentine's Dinner so I decided to 'shout' DH to a night out. 

It was a wonderful night; worth every penny. My previous experience with St Valentine's Day dinners at restaurants was overcrowding and food obviously not freshly prepared; just squeezing a many people in as possible. Not so at Crema and Cream! 

The food was gorgeous...the handmade ravioli for entree...( photo from the Crema and Cream Facebook page) 

DH and I chose the salmon for our main course...delicious! ( photo also from the cafe's FB page)

Others chose the duck...from the comments at nearby tables, it was as divine as our salmon. ( photo from Crema and Cream Facebook page) 

The dessert was a shared plate of all sorts of sweet treats...mmmmm 😊. 

At the end of the evening my friend gave each of the ladies present a 'rose' and asked us to guess what it was made of. It had a slight fragrance like Vanilla but I couldn't work out what it was made of...

Eventually Gracelyn told's made out of soap! When we want to wash our hands, we just have to pull a petal off, wet it, and wash our hands! Amazing how lifelike it looks! 

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Oh darn!!!

A few posts ago I wrote about my upcoming wisdom tooth extraction. This all happened on February 1 with the procedure taking 15 mins ( I'd been given a 45 minute appointment) and despite the tooth being mostly below gum level, it all came out cleanly with no bits breaking off...which apparently can happen occasionally. And no stitches were required either. The next day I needed only one strong painkiller tablet and I thought , ' so what's all this fuss about wisdom teeth?'. Bad move...
Day 3 I woke up with a feeling like I'd been punched in the jaw. And my left eye socket hurt and my left cheekbone also hurt. So out came the ice packs for the sore jaw, heat pack for the sore cheek and nose and the Panadeine tablets again. And I was so tired and was even shivering in our hot summer weather...I retreated to DH's recliner chair.

 Eventually after a particularly bad night, on Day 5 I went to the GP. Despite a lot of mouth pain, she felt that the wound wasn't infected as she couldn't see any redness or swelling around it, but I had swelling on the left side of my face and was also running a fever. So an antibiotic was prescribed.
After 3 days of these tablets, yesterday I started to feel almost human again...the mouth pain had eased and this seemed to coincide with my needing to blow my nose a was streaming with some rather nasty mucus that smelled of a mix of sulphur and bitumen...what a combo eh?? I'd been tasting something similar for a few days before.
So this evening, I have energy, 3 more antiobiotic capsules to take tomorrow to finish the course, and thankfully no more 'runny nose' or yucky taste in my mouth. There's just the gland on the left of my neck that's still a bit swollen.
So whether removing an infected impacted wisdom tooth caused all this...who knows? But I hope the other 3 wisdom teeth stay nicely in their gums and cause me no problems whatsoever.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Wool on Sunday

Probably that should be amended to Cotton on Sunday as will become apparent soon.

The genesis for this post starts back on January 22 at the Redcliffe Hospital, just to the north of Brisbane.

DD1's baby girl was born at 3.04 am by emergency C-section after DD1's blood pressure rose alarmingly after a long time in labour.  Both mum and baby have done really well after that was all over and done with. My daughter and her husband have asked that photos are not posted publicly so this next photo doesn't show Baby Carrie's little face...

The little one is the 'spitting image' of her dad! 😍

DD1 had chosen some colours from the Patons Cottonblend range for me to make Carrie's blankie. It only has another 9 or so inches left to go before it's finished. (Cotton works so well for these summer babies as my stepdaughter would attest to. Anthea now has hers in the cot, just as a light cover.)

Carrie's blankie so far...

I noticed on a number of blogs that people are doing 10-15 minutes of sewing most days. I think it's a great idea but wouldn't publicly commit to it myself. Nevertheless, over a couple of days I made DD1 some 'mop up' cloths for Carrie. I had been given a remnant of soft towelling which was enough to make 2; using cotton fabrics from the stash for the fronts.
 I was horrified that DD1 had bought some; paying a considerable sum for such basic items.
Linking up with Janine's monthly feature on her Rainbow Hare blog. This month Janine posted about a stunning cardigan that she has knitted...the texture is just gorgeous! Wool on Sunday

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Australia Day

Today is Australia Day which is a public holiday which commemorates the 1788 arrival of the First Fleet which had been sent to establish a British colony in the country that would become Australia. The country was already settled by the Aboriginal people. Over the years Australia has become home to many peoples from all around the world and Australia Day celebrations usually reflect these different cultures.
In recent years there has been more and more discussion in the Australia-wide community, that January 26 represents Invasion Day to the indigenous people and that the date should be changed, so that the Australian national day is separate from the anniversary of the First Fleet.  And who knows if that will ever happen? Until then, the day will be filled with people gathering in parks, beaches, private homes to celebrate with BBQ s, lamingtons, pavlovas, TimTams, Vegemite, meatpies and all the other Aussie 'things'. 😉
I was fortunate enough to be born in Australia but I thought I'd show you 'what this Aussie is made up of'...

Still on the subject of Australia; the other day I saw a Swap that was coming up on Instagram. It didn't involve (frantic to get finished)  sewing, just send 3 six inch squares to 8 other people in a group you would be put in.

The fabric should represent your country in some way...

Too easy! I knew I had a zippered bag full of Australiana fabric, so I was 'half way there' 👍. I signed up and when email arrived with the details of my Swap buddies, I was the only Aussie with the majority being from the US, 1 from Sweden and 1 from NZ. Then...
A search through my fabric stash didn't reveal a bag of Aussie fabrics...oh dear! But I did find these...luckily they were categorized differently and in other zippered bags.
It needs a good iron, but this is a fun, novelty Australiana fabric...

A fabric design copying the style of indigenous art...bought at a craft show years ago and still in its cello bag.

A perfect representation of an Aussie summer...

A fabric design with maps overlaid with images of old Holden cars, FX and FJ models from the 1950s.

Australian placenames...

Aussie animals fat quarter in my 'Children's Novelty Fabrics' storage cube...

Often farm themed fabrics are not Aussie...but this one is! ( also in the Children's Cube)

And then I realised that I had some Jodie Carleton fabrics; a few 5 " squares and hexies have been cut out of each fat quarter but still plenty left to cut some 6" squares. Jodie is an Australian who not only designs a great range of craft patterns (especially her felt animals) but a few years ago she started designing ranges of fabrics. So fabrics designed here would be an excellent representation of my region.

So... Murphy's Law would suggest that as soon as I mail all these squares that I will cut out of the pictured fabrics, my bag of other fabrics will turn up. 😏. No problem though, while looking for it this morning, I found so many delightful fabrics that I'd forgotten about...especially some that I can do some baby/toddler sewing with. So that's always a bonus and time looking then, is not really wasted is it?

Sunday, January 21, 2018


My last post was about an old school uniform that I wore in my Grade 11 and 12 high school years. Well it just so happens that years ago I also found a diary that I wrote throughout 1968. I actually thought that I had thrown it out years ago. I toyed with writing about my life then by taking excerpts from the diary but then couldn't find it. Must have thrown it out after all, I said to myself and thought no more about it. 

But late last year I just happened to come across this tricky little artifact in a drawer and thought that 2018 might be a perfect time to write about what life was like for me 50 years ago.
When I reread some of the pages recently I wasn't particularly impressed with my 16/17 year old self. I seemed to be quite 'preoccupied with boys' and I reckon I was quite boring. Lol. But reading pages in the last week, it was interesting to note background happenings to my life. It was certainly a 'different time'; so different to the world my girls grew up in in the 1980s/90s!

So what sort of things did I get up to in January 1968?
It was still school holidays here of course as those long summer holidays here are December/January.
January 4 that year was the first anniversary of my father's death, but it only rated a single sentence in my diary entry...interesting?
I wrote about the weather being hot and that on January 1 I sunbathed for the first time in a 'two piece', and got sunburned down one side of my body. I remember these togs being 'hand me downs' from an older friend and they were yellow...and I thought I was just sooooo cool wearing them! Lol 😎.
On another day, a friend of my mother and her 3 children took mum and I for a day trip to the beach...Redcliffe. I wrote in my diary how we discovered we were swimming near a sewerage outlet with all sorts of 'things' floating by...eewww! 😕😕😕. I went on to write that we washed ourselves off and went to Shorncliffe beach where we got stung by sea lice. At least nowadays  those beaches on the peninsula  no longer have sewerage outlet pipes going out into the sea. Just as well!

In those days, town ( Brisbane central business district) was a shortish tram ride from my suburb. Suburban picture theatres had gradually been closing up through the sixties, so we tended to go to 'the  pictures' in the city. On January 4 that year I had an outing to the city...first an organ recital at the City Hall and then in the afternoon, I went to the movies. I don't mention who with but I wouldn't think that I  was on my own. The movie was 'Georgy Girl' starring Lynne Redgrave.

I'd forgotten all that until I read it in that diary! Lol. Reading on in that entry I saw that there was a tram strike for a few hours that day and that I was late home waiting for the tram staff to come back to work. Looking back, I think I know the reason for that short strike. It would have been announced that trams would be scrapped completely in 1969 and replaced by buses. There would be no conductors on the buses so the union was fighting for all the men ( and a few women) who would be left without jobs when the trams were taken off.
Here's an old photo of the main road through my suburb in the 1960s and there's a tram in the middle of the photo. Trust me when I say, that other than newer models of cars on that road, this road and the building on either side were still the same in 1968!
Source Brisbane Images BCC-B54-15239

Facing the other! You could park your car at the side of the main road then! 😮
Source Brisbane Images BCC-B54-15236

Source Brisbane Images BCC-B54-15237

Other entries in the diary talked about my love of sewing. I would often make a dress especially for a Saturday night...often beginning the process of cutting out on Thursday or Friday night and sewing up on Saturday! But the styles were usually simple shift dresses with just some bust darts for shaping. I used my mum's old 1945 model Singer with its knee control and just straight stitch. But that machine and I made many outfits, from nighties to ball gowns, from shifts to jackets!

An entry in early January 1968, I describe how I was making a shoestring dress, but sad to say, I have no recollection of what it was like
On Saturday, January 6 1968, it seems I had a busy day. Firstly in the morning, I went into the Valley (Fortitude Valley, once considered a must go to for shopping!), specifically to go to the free disco called TC's which was in the department store, TC Beirnes. That morning  Tony Worsley ( Aussie pop star of the 60s) was performing and apparently a pop group known as the National Reps. I do remember loving these performances and being so close to pop stars. :-)

In the afternoon, according to my diary, along with a number of other students from my high school, I stood outside the Enoggera Catholic church to catch a glimpse of my geography teacher Miss Mudge at her wedding to the maths teacher, Mr Mahony...oh lordy, such memories! I still see this couple occasionally at the local shops or school reunions!

In another entry I wrote about visiting a friend's home and being entertained there by her dad playing the rolls on their pianola. We would gather around the pianola and sing all the old songs with great gusto. I thought my friend and her parents were so lucky to have a pianola and I vowed to buy one 'when I grew up and got rich enough to buy one! lol. A few years ago I realised that I could afford one, but I decided I didn't want one after all. How fickle am I lol!!!
I think that throughout this year, I will tell you more about the year I turned 17.
(Do you know, according to my diary, I ironed for people to earn pocket seems I had about 6 clientele ( mum's friends, neighbours, married daughters of neighbours who worked fulltime and wanted husband's long-sleeved shirts ironed; seemed to be quite a nice little earner.)