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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The results of the August Challenge...

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about K4BN's  August Challenge , which ran over the first weekend of August. Fifteen ladies 'signed up' for the challenge and I was appointed as the 'collector' of all the items. Since that weekend there has been a steady stream of parcels being delivered here, as well as items being handed to me at the various Knit and Natters that I attend. We were making beanies, scarves, balaclavas and fingerless gloves for the Mission to Seafarers, Brisbane branch who hands out these warm items to seamen whose ships dock at the Port of Brisbane. Tomorrow, DH and I are going to deliver 69 beanies, 2 balaclavas, 7 scarves and 10 pairs of fingerless gloves to Adrian who is manager of the Mission.

What an impressive amount of items from 15 people and how generous they have been with their time and materials. Here are some photos :-)

Parcels arrived from not only Queensland addresses, but also from South Australia and Western Australia!

This shoebox contained 7 beanies :-)

This big box arrived one morning last week!

items all piled up on my table as I sorted and counted

These were knitted by Sister Patricia 

These were my contribution 

These beanies came from Elizabeth (the city), South Australia

These were crocheted scarf and beanie sets

This is the 90 litre box packed ready to deliver


kaiteM said...

How fabulous, will keep many a seafarer warm.

Dorothy said...

Great result. I love the yellow w blue/white variegated beanie you made. Can I ask what pattern you use please?