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Monday, August 13, 2012

Our day at the 'Ekka'; Part 2

In Part 1 of this post I commented that I had not gone to the show for many years, so why the change of heart? One reason was that I've come to really hate large crowds. That problem can be overcome by going on either of the first 2 days...which we did.

Another reason for going this year was that the Association that runs the show, has spent a lot of time and money upgrading faciltities which had been pretty ordinary for many years. So I thought it was worth a look to check out things. Another reason why we hadn't been for years was the amount of walking involved; for a few years now, one hip gives me a bit of pain if I walk or be on my feet for any length of time. Don't know whether it is something to do with avoiding foods with sugar, but since starting that  regime, I have more energy and almost no discomfort associated with my left hip???? So I reckoned that I could handle all the walking around that a day at the show needs...and I did! So here's some more of what we saw and did...

We watched an Australian draughthorse being worked 

A Gypsy horse

Sweet little darlings in front of the gypsy horse stall

An old restored gypsy caravan

I always visit the poultry pavilion 

We watched a demonstration of cutting up a 'rump' into a number of cuts. Samples were handed out which were tender and delicious! We were also given a bag which folds up, zips up into a small rectangle

 We went into the Agricultural Pavilion to have a look at the displays...

There was a demonstration by Brookfield Nursery. I saw that Tino Carnevale (from Gardening Australia) had been there at 12noon...I'd missed him. But then I saw him...he graciously agreed to pose for a photo. He is such a lovely man; we had quite a chat. 
 After the gardening demonstration on growing vegetables in containers, some sample bags were handed out courtesy of Brookfield Nursery. There were samples of fertilisers, peat pots, water saving crystals and a punnet of 'Tommy Toe' cherry tomatoes...all absolutely free :-) And as well, all these goodies were packed in a lovely strong,reusable 'green' bag.

In the Agricultural/Horticulture Pavilion was also the dog judging.  Judging was over by the time we walked through but there were still some dogs there, like this fluffy darling :-)

This stand is manned by volunteers and raises funds for one of the hospitals.  DH is just getting ready to line up and buy one; none for me though!

A view looking towards the Agricultural Pavilion
Then it was time for lunch...
More to come....


Naturally Carol said...

Hi Maria, I've enjoyed your 'show' photos but am intrigued by your no sugar result...keep us posted on that one. Very interesting.

Becky said...

OH! This adventure would be right up Scott and my alley! I'm looking forward to reading more about it.

Mary said...

Fairs are so fun...I usually hit one of the two local each summer. Great photos..very fair.