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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Wool on Sunday...

Wow, I realise that I've been very slack in writing blog posts lately; no particular reason...just general busyness. But I do have some 'yarny' projects to share for Wool on Sunday, so I've found time to knit. πŸ˜‰
Our parish art and craft show is being held in late July this year and as well as the usual exhibitors, the committee has invited a number of Indigenous artists to display their work. I decided to go along with that theme and make a throw in Indigenous colours to donate for sale at the art show. The Aboriginal flag consists of 3 colours;  black, red and a gold/yellow.

I just have to put a fringe on the ends, sew my label on and it's already to hand over to the committee.
I also have another of my ripple/chevron throws on the needles too. If I have it finished in time I plan to donate that to the Art and Craft Show as well. But if it's not finished in time, I won't stress.

About 15 years ago I knitted a throw for a friend as a Christmas gift. It was in her favourite colour pink, with a black background.

Lee loved her blankie but her cat Sabrina Maud loved it too! We always joked about Sabrina Maud reluctantly sharing the throw with her owner. I do have a photo of the cat reclining on 'her throw' but can't find it. Any way, sadly Sabrina Maud died a few months ago and what a sad time for my friend and her DH. Last week they adopted a new rescue cat...7 year old, Audrey Maud. And guess what she likes to curl up on??? πŸ˜‰πŸ˜†

Yep, that same blankie!
Linking up this post with Janine's Rainbow Hare Blog. Despite the heatwave in the U.K., Janine has been busy with the knitting needles and there are also photos of a gorgeous crochet project as well as progress on an appliquΓ© project Here

Monday, June 11, 2018

A Birthday Present...

I mentioned in a previous post that there were 4 family birthdays for us in May. Two of those were mine and DH's.
For my birthday, I celebrated all day, with a morning tea treat of a florentine and coffee at Marche du Macaron, lunch at a lovely cafe, then a pizza dinner ( takeaway) at home with the family. It was a cold night so we all squeezed into the dining room for dinner rather than the more spacious verandah.
DH's birthday celebrations was again a family dinner, but this time the meal was cooked by me and the birthday cake was made by DsD2!

But this post is really about the joint gift that the family gave us...

They all contributed to the fee for the photographer to take a series of photos over the course of 1 1/2 hours. It was the same photographer who took the photos at DsD1's wedding last July; a lovely young lady named Rebecca.
So last Saturday we all met up at Shorncliffe, a beach suburb in north Brisbane. The first photos were of the whole family. Rebecca posed us against the railing above the beach with a magnificent morning sky behind us. Then she broke us into groups...all the girls, all the young parents with the babies, the 'blokes', some individual photos, DH and I, then DH and I and the 4 grandchildren.
I took a few photos while Rebecca was setting up some shots with the girls and the babies...

Then Rebecca moved us all to the nearby jetty, for lots more photos; again in different groupings as well as ones with the whole family all at once.
Our sons in law...

The 'boys' with their babies...

Us girls got a bit of time to relax from all that smiling! Lol πŸ˜‰πŸ˜†

The DsD2 suggested to Rebecca that it would be nice to get some photos of the 4 babies...I knew it wouldn't be easy! The term 'herding cats' came to mind! πŸ˜•πŸ˜¬. The young Mothers had to work hard, I can tell you! Lol

Hopefully Rebecca got some better shots than us.

It was so lovely getting together as a family for this session; DsD1, Dan and Baby A drove the long trip from Wandoan especially for the photo. The deal with the photos is that the fee paid by our family entitles us to the photos in digital form to do with them whatever we wish. So in a week or so, they should be available online on Rebecca's website via a password.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Wool on Sunday...

The baby blanket I was making for Abigail got put on the 'back burner' while I made the birthday bunting for Holly. But by the third week in May, I was back working on that knitting project. And except for one stripe, there was no more 'reverse knitting'; obviously I had finally got the hang of the pattern! Lol.
And it's now finished! All ready to hand over this weekend...

I used Paton's Cotton Blend and because I've made a total of 4 baby blankets in this yarn, I had a lot of part balls of this yarn left as well as a number of full balls, including the white. So there are 18 colours in this blankie...I was surprised how many colours I had! ( the pattern is the Bounce Blanket from Tin Can Knits)
I have started a new knitting project which I will donate to our Parish Art and Craft Show in July...

It's very 'early days' obviously...just an inch (2.5cm) of knitting on circular needles with 194 stitches.
And in other yarn related activities, I can see that I will be busy joining a lovely lot of donated squares into blankets ready to be distributed to the needy. It's been suggested that it will be a cold winter this year here in SE Queensland so my plans are to work on these for part of each evening.

Linking up with the Rainbow Hare blog for Wool on Sunday. This month Janine did a teeny tiny knitting project. πŸ˜‰

Monday, June 4, 2018

Someone Turned 1 in May!

Yes, DD2's daughter had her first birthday in May; that year had certainly flown! After DH and I came back from our holiday, I had 2 weeks to make the birthday bunting that I promised DD2 I would make for Holly. I finished it with 4 days to spare!

I was determined that the bunting would be made from fabric I already had. So a remnant of cotton garbadine, 2 hand dyed pink fat quarters and a remnant of 'cupcake fabric' became Holly's birthday banner. And of course...some buttons. This time I used 'cake' buttons and on the first letters of the 3 words on the banner, I sewed a 'fairy' button to the letter. ( DD2 loved 'anything fairies' when she was a little girl πŸ˜‰)

It was quite a party...but I've noticed that children's parties are tending to be quite 'big affairs' these days...
There was a jumping was actually a very clever idea of DD2 to hire the castle as it was a great hit with the large number of children who attended the party.

The birthday girl was a bit young to 'navigate' the jumping castle on her own so daddy helped out...

There was also bubble blowing to do. Uncle Ads gave Anthea a hand there too...

A birthday candle to blow out...

It was a rainbow cake!

We all had a lovely afternoon...
And finishing with a photo of the birthday girl resplendent in her rainbow skirt...


Things aren't too great in Blogland lately. Most of you would have read about the problems with comments not being emailed to the blogger's Inbox and many of us are flummoxed by new Privacy Laws in the European Community. (Honestly, I don't know if my blog has Cookies)  
And here in my little corner of Blogland, I'm once again having problems with Blogger. The version I use is one I paid for too, but since the last update ( and doesn't an iPad nag you if you don't do the updates???) Blogger is very contrary about uploading photos. So...once again I am emailing photos from my iPad so I can save the photos on the PC and then insert the photos in the web version of Blogger...takes the joy out of blogging with all that hoo ha!

Friday, June 1, 2018

May 2018; 4 birthdays and a wedding!!!

The birthdays were small family affairs but the wedding was a BIG one! We may not have had an invitation to this wedding, and we may have been thousands of kilometres away from the actual venue...but that didn't stop us celebrating the young couple's nuptials. You have probably guessed that I'm referring to THAT wedding held in Windsor.
DH and I dressed up...don't you love that Tshirt! lol

We had bubbly and nibblies...

Eduardo the cat decided to take up residence on the coffee table...we moved him though! lol!

We watched as the guests started to arrive...all those celebrities! I loved looking at all the outfits...and those hats! The milliners would have been very busy! And of course, I'm always impatient to see the bride's outfit. It was a lovely dress...some people criticized the dress for being very plain with no beading etc, but I thought that its simplicity was part of its charm. The veil was magnificent especially the fact that the design woven included the floral emblem of each Commonwealth country...a very nice touch.
And DH and I even had some wedding cake! It was a 'chunk' of DD1's wedding cake from last September which I had had in the freezer. It defrosted was a checkerboard mudcake...delicious!

I went back through old blog posts to find the photos from when DH and I celebrated William and Kate's was fun too!
I noticed that this time around more of my friends did exactly what DH and I had done, any excuse to party!! lol  I had thought of inviting friends around to make an evening of it but we decided in the end to just have a quiet night in.

Thank you to those of you who have emailed asking after little Abigail. The family has gone back home to the farm now and the little one is gaining weight due to the nasogastric feeding tube. Last Friday she was fitted with her hearing aids and her mum reports that Abi is responding to sounds.


Friday, May 18, 2018

More Hawaii

On our recent holiday, DH and I had lots of shore excursions to choose from when we were on the 7 day cruise.

 The ship stopped at four of the islands and it was our 2 day stop on the island on Maui that we did a tour that was certainly different to anything we have done before. Because DH doesn't enjoy helicopter or small aircraft tours, we avoid these. I wondered whether he minded 'depths'? There was this tour in the itinerary that he had dismissed as 'far too expensive'!  It probably was too expensive but I was very interested, so offered to pay for us to go if he was happy with going underwater.
And so it was that the next day, we left the ship about 9am and waited for our shuttle bus to the quaint town of was a bit drizzly at Kahului, the town where the ship was docked.

But on the other side of the island, it was sunny! We had to go to Slip 18...

Yep! We were going on a submarine dive to look at coral reefs and fish...this was our shuttle boat...

It was glorious weather...

We travelled along the coastline for a while and the views were wonderful.

And then we headed out to sea so left the coastline behind...

The captain on our shuttle boat had kept up a commentary as we went along and suddenly he alerted us to a vessel coming towards was 'Roxy' the support vessel.

The submarine that we were going out to board was somewhere below us. Our captain, Roxy's captain and the sub's captain were all in touch by a special telephone system. The Roxy crew make sure it's safe for the sub to surface, that is, no other vessels etc.
Now when we got to the dive site, my excited 'gung ho' attitude did waver a bit and I may have gone a bit quiet when I thought about boarding the sub with the waves heaving....
But excitement overtook fear when the submarine started to surface!

Roxy is moving in to stay on one side of the Atlantis...

Roxy helps hold the sub steady as our shuttle prepares to go into position on the other side of our shuttle captain said, 'they make a sub sandwich'! Lol.

When all vessels were in place and ropes etc in place, then the transfer began. The previous dive group were loaded on the shuttle and we were able to board the submarine...climbing down ( back to the ladder stairs) to the viewing area. One lady in our group decided not to board the sub, fearing claustrophobia but I found it quite spacious...then again I'm small! Lol

On our 45 minute 'cruise' we saw many different types of coral, fish, a few giant eels, sharks, an artificial reef made by a deliberately sunk ship, The Carthaginian', stingrays etc etc and we were fully entranced!! The deepest the submarine went was 120 ft approximately. Most of the time it cruised at 100 ft below the surface but just for a few minutes, we went to the seabed.

The information posters on the wall of the submarine

DH took this photo of Roxy's propeller as we started to dive...

Part of the wreck of the Carthaginian.

In the next photo there is a shark lying on the sea bed. The guide on the sub commented that she may be preparing to give birth.

A bit more of that wreck...

One of the first variety of coral that we saw...

A shoal of fish; they are a lovely green/yellow colour
Another variety of coral
Towards the left of the photo, a big eel is poking his head out of the coral...amazing!

This fish looks like a cartoon, but it was real!

What a wonderful excursion! Even when the credit card bill came after we were home, I didn't blink an eye as it was just such an experience!  I'm a great believer in 'making memories' and this submarine excursion sure did that!