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Monday, October 8, 2018

Wool on Sunday

Once again joining in with Janine over at the Rainbow Hare blog here to share what yarn related things I’ve been up to in the last month. Janine's post features a magnificent crocheted mat.

So a fair bit of progress on the mohair throw which is using up some hoarded yarn. I think this will be donated to the Karuna Hospice Christmas Market in late November.

More donated squares have been turned into a big blanket and a little baby blanket. My knitting group had just had a request for baby blankets from an organisation that helps young mothers who are doing it tough and on their own. And luckily one of the ladies who crochets squares for us had decided a little while ago to do some smaller squares in soft yarn...perfect!

The golden yellow yarn was donated by a friend who had the yarn for a while. Readers (of a certain age πŸ˜‰) from SE Queensland  might recognise the brand of yarn. It’s Baroba which was the brand of a local department store called Barry and Roberts. B&R closed its doors when DD1 was little...about 36 years ago! So my friend had that yarn for a loooooong time, but it was in perfect condition.

I’ve also been working on mini Christmas stockings for K4BN. Each year the group makes these and fills them with sweets and these small gifts are distributed to the needy in the community. We’ve been giving away over 6000 per year.
Instead of showing my efforts I’m going to share a photo of some of the stockings made by an amazing member of K4BN. Rita has made 800 of these so far this year; her goal is to make 1000! 
Aren’t they fabulous and Rita is certainly inspiring.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Boomerang Bags

As more and more retailers no longer offer free single use plastic bags for carrying purchases, the result is a plethora of reusable bags being offered for sale. ( In my state, the government has legislated to ban the single use bags)
One example is the Boomerang bag which is made of cloth and mostly made by community minded groups and offered for sale at various outlets, including markets. The bags are very similar to the morsbags I saw in the U.K.when we were there in 2008. I'm thinking the name Boomerang reflects the fact that you can keep using these bags; as long as you remember to put them back in your car! Lol
It was decided in our parish that we would make Boomerang Bags for sale. Donations of fabric, including old curtains, sheets and doona covers were requested. So I took a hard look at my dressmaking fabrics and also my patchwork cottons and donated quite a bundle.
So then some pockets were screen printed...

A prototype was sewn, ready for the first sewing bee...

But progress was slow via the sewing bee method. I couldn't make it to the sewing session on that day and it was the same for others. So the organiser came up with the concept of 'outworkers' and the 'assembly line' concept. I put my hand up to help. I was given the task of sewing the handles. I was spoiled as the handles had been already cut out. So it was just a case of pressing, pinning and sewing.
I've done 2 lots so of 39 handles. Maybe more to come.

My favourite sewing machine, my vintage Elna 'work horse' needs a service ( the needle is going up and down when the bobbin is being refilled πŸ˜•) so I need to get that done next week in case I get some more handles to sew...or use the newish Janome? 

Thursday, September 13, 2018

The Art Show...

The parish art show this year was more low key than ever before but as if by magic,  ( or was it divine intervention? πŸ˜‰) the money raised was almost as much as raised in other years.
The organisers decided to feature the works of indigenous artists and much effort was put into finding such artists to invite them to exhibit.
Our parish priest opening the show. Father B is himself an aboriginal.

After the show when I checked my photos I realised I'd missed taking photos of some really large works...that were very traditional and eyecatching.
The next photo was an exhibit put in the show by the teenage granddaughter of our parish priest. These pieces were part of an assessment for her art studies at high school. They were eyecatching and attracted a lot of interest...

A close up of that dress made of Coca Cola cans...

The young artist joked that it wouldn't be the most comfortable dress to wear! I agree! πŸ˜‚
I knitted 2 throws to donate to the show...
The chevron garter stitch one sold on opening night. The buyer planned to use it as a wall hanging as she said that way her teenage children couldn't 'wreck it'. I didn't really mind that she wasn't going to drape it over her sofa and snuggle under it when the weather was chilly...the main thing was that it sold...which meant money in the parish 'kitty'! πŸ˜‰

The inset photo in the previous photo shows both the chevron throw and also another indigenous throw that was not for sale. It just was on display as it had been made for K4BN.
The other donated throw...

The mohair one in indigenous colours sold on the Saturday. An aboriginal elder woman bought it saying that she would auction it to raise funds. She was confident she could raise a fair amount that way. ( I did hear later though that she loved it so much she was thinking of keeping it)
This year the craft stall holders were in the hall. Other years they have been in the church and the paintings were in the hall.

And I fell in love with a painting and ended up buying it. It was painted by a young indigenous artist who had entered 6 pieces of his work. There was a luminescence about the painting that I just loved!

The artist described his painting as being 2 traditional young indigenous men sitting at night thinking of their plans for hunting the next day. DsD1 said it reminded her of the Lost Boys characters in Peter Pan. And I found that it reminded me of the Kindle icon on my iPad. Lol! Different interpretations to different people.

And that was the 2018 Art Show. 

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Wool on Sunday

Confession time...I tend to procrastinate when it's time to start a new project. Especially this is so when it's a knitted throw and the thought of casting on 200 or so stitches and then those first few rows where the pattern is being set...I dither/put it off! Lol.
After the 'knitting marathon' to finish 2 throws for the Parish Art Show in late July, I decided to just focus on starting some projects ready for the future. No new patterns, just old favourites that I can just pick up and work on when I decide I want to make a gift/Raffle prize or whatever. So...

I started 4 throws and popped 3 into bags and I've continued working on the 4th one.
Another garter stitch chevron one...

Yet another garter stitch chevron/ripple one!

A honeycomb pattern throw using as the main colour some remnant navy blue yarn from the Bendigo Woollen Mill bought on a holiday to Victoria a few years ago...or maybe it was a lot of years ago! πŸ˜‚ lol

The other 'start' was a throw using a favourite slipstitch design and some gorgeous Jo Sharp yarn that I bought before I retired...I've been retired 7 years! I continued working on this as it is so light a project that it was perfect to take away last month when DH and I spent 6 days in Sydney. I think I have enough of this yarn to make another throw! Lol

One more photo that is yarn related. I kept some of the knitted items that my girls wore as babies. The reality is that today's babies rarely (if at all) wear the styles of the 1980s so instead of a granddaughter wearing this particular little top that I knitted in 1984 for DD2, Gerald Bear ( or should that be Geraldine Bear? πŸ˜‰) is now wearing it while the weather is cold. The little girls love it!

Joining with Janine from the Rainbow Hare Blog for Wool on Sunday.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Wool on Sunday...

Once again I'm joining in with Janine from The Rainbow Hare blog for Wool on Sunday, where all things ' yarny' are written up in a post. This month Janine has posted a number of projects including the cutest little toy, Peter Mouse. There is also a pretty little cardi and a market bag...
In July's W.O.S I wrote about the projects ( 2 knitted throws) that I hoped to have ready for donating to the annual parish art was basically finished and I posted a photo in the blog post and one was just started. Good news, both were finished in time! The second throw was that old favourite of mine, the chevron garter stitch pattern, and it was done in my favourite colours.

More about those 2 projects in my post about the art show which is coming up soon!

So after those 2 items were finished, it was time to get to work on making blankets out of all the donated squares I had been given by some very generous people. I hadn't had much time over the previous few months to work on those charity blankets, so it was a case of 'knuckling down' and catching up. There were bags and bags of lovely crocheted squares...

By the time I had joined squares to make 5 blankets, I thought to myself that I couldn't face making many more. But the next day, I was back there joining them. In just over a week, I made 15 blankets...I'd built up momentum and was on a roll...until all but 2 squares had been made into blankets. And I also had my little helper...

It's always better when there is someone with you keeping you company...
On Sunday night I stacked up the blankets for a are 14

When we put the 15th one on the pile...over it tumbled!

So these have all been packed in 2 big bags and are ready to hand over to K4BN for distribution to needy people. At any time of the year there is always a demand for blankets, especially for those forced to sleep rough.

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Old Age...

Not my dotage...instead this post is about Eduardo, 'The Next Stage' cat. Ed will be 17 in September and has been getting rather skinny.

He was also having a bit of trouble chewing. So not quite 2 weeks ago, I made an appointment for him at the vet's for a check up.
So the cage was dusted off...

There are no photos but let's just say that Eduardo was most uncooperative in getting into the carry cage...I even have scratches that attest to that! He thought that a visit to the vet was really unnecessary. He howled all the way there...luckily only a 2 kilometre drive. Then he howled in the waiting room πŸ˜’. The veterinary nurses all came out into the waiting room to check out the cat with the 'fancy name', Eduardo Felipe, lol.
But as usual on a visit to the vet, when we went through to the consulting room, Eduardo was 'as good as gold'...he purrs!!! ( possibly a nervous reaction ? 🀣) In fact the vet had difficulty listening to his heart because of the purring...but in the treatment room he did stop purring for a short while when the blood tests were being done.
Kat, the vet checked him over...and my goodness he had lost a kilogram...not good!πŸ˜” Kat took blood samples which were sent off for testing and also a urine test which showed no bacteria or that was a tick! The teeth will need some attention but that will be a bit later. Kat mentioned 3 conditions that could cause his weight was hyperthyroidism...and next day she rang to confirm that that was indeed the problem.
Three methods of treatment had been explained to me and I chose the least expensive...tablets every day for the rest of his life. The most expensive was $1500 for a one off treatment using a tablets...but he is nearly 17...πŸ˜™
Now Eddie is very difficult to get tablets down his throat, but the tablets crush up easily and the vet was fine when I said that my cat LOVES Nestles Reduced Fat Cream and would it be okay to mix the tablet in a teaspoon of the cream...after all, he is nearly 17. Kat said some people mix crushed up tablets in with Vegemite or condensed milk. I did try the Vegemite but Eduardo didn't like it.

So each morning Ed takes his tablet...he looks forward to it! Lol. Next Tuesday we go back for another blood test to see if that dose is working. It could be my imagination but after 11 days it does look like he has put on a bit of weight.
Stay tuned...

Tuesday, July 31, 2018


I always imagined that if I had granddaughters that I would sew dolly quilts for their dolls...and I would also have one or two quilts here at our place for when the little girls visit. To this end, for quite a while I had pinned ideas on Pinterest for dolly these.

But sadly these ideas have never come to fruition...
One morning a few months ago when the weather had turned cold, Miss A helped me make some blankets for the dolls that 'live' here at our place...
She had been dropped off very early as I was still wearing my warm dressing gown...πŸ˜‰

We made quite a bundle...and we made them very quickly. There were no patchwork blocks made, no machining whatsoever. Yep! We just cut up a metre or so of some thick hems, no embellishment and Miss A didn't mind one little bit! Lol
( I had been given 3 metres of that flannelette by a friend years ago but could never think of anything that I could make from it with that design of boxer shorts!)
The blankets live in the little yellow suitcase from IKEA...
And the red suitcase is where the dolls live when the grandies go home...

The dolls were each wrapped up in a blanket and patted to various locations around the house.

Here's Miss A taking a warmly wrapped dolly down the hallway to put her to bed...

Sometimes the dollies are put in the guest bedroom...even if the bed hasn't been made up!
Guests like DsD1 and Dan have been known to find dolls tucked up in their bed when they have stayed with us! Sometimes if there are people staying Miss A uses our bed for her dolls...

And they still are getting lots of use when Miss A or Miss H visit.

Miss Holly has a play with the dolls when she visits.


Well maybe one day I will get around to making some special quilts...

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Wool on Sunday...

Wow, I realise that I've been very slack in writing blog posts lately; no particular reason...just general busyness. But I do have some 'yarny' projects to share for Wool on Sunday, so I've found time to knit. πŸ˜‰
Our parish art and craft show is being held in late July this year and as well as the usual exhibitors, the committee has invited a number of Indigenous artists to display their work. I decided to go along with that theme and make a throw in Indigenous colours to donate for sale at the art show. The Aboriginal flag consists of 3 colours;  black, red and a gold/yellow.

I just have to put a fringe on the ends, sew my label on and it's already to hand over to the committee.
I also have another of my ripple/chevron throws on the needles too. If I have it finished in time I plan to donate that to the Art and Craft Show as well. But if it's not finished in time, I won't stress.

About 15 years ago I knitted a throw for a friend as a Christmas gift. It was in her favourite colour pink, with a black background.

Lee loved her blankie but her cat Sabrina Maud loved it too! We always joked about Sabrina Maud reluctantly sharing the throw with her owner. I do have a photo of the cat reclining on 'her throw' but can't find it. Any way, sadly Sabrina Maud died a few months ago and what a sad time for my friend and her DH. Last week they adopted a new rescue cat...7 year old, Audrey Maud. And guess what she likes to curl up on??? πŸ˜‰πŸ˜†

Yep, that same blankie!
Linking up this post with Janine's Rainbow Hare Blog. Despite the heatwave in the U.K., Janine has been busy with the knitting needles and there are also photos of a gorgeous crochet project as well as progress on an appliquΓ© project Here