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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Our visit to the 2012 'Ekka'; Part 3!

When I was a child and was taken to the Exhibition by our neighbour, she did not take me into the pavilions where the cooking, sewing and other craft entries were displayed. Maybe she thought young children wouldn't be interested or she wasn't interested or then again, there may not have been enough time. I 'discovered' these show entries as a young adult and I still love to browse through them.
Signs advised show-goers that taking photos of the paintings was forbidden but the rest of the fine arts didn't have those signs. I wandered around this pavilion for over an hour. So here are some of the things I saw...

This beautiful knitted throw was on display just near the Llamas and alpacas
 Then there were the cake icing/decorating entries
 Below,the cake on the left won first prize; a beautiful dress made of icing...

These were some of the entries in the fruit cake section

These novelty cakes were amazing!

This was in the woodworking section; a highly detailed Noah's ark and little wooden animals!

Some of the knitting entries

A close up of a rug that caught my eye.

more entries in knitted items

Some of the entries in the crocheting section

I met this friend who was working on the Spinners and weavers stand/display. Jacqui is wearing examples of her felting work!

Later in the afternoon DH and I made our way to the 'Wood Chop' area. I don't know much about the rules etc of woodchopping but it's an Aussie tradition at shows and is fun to watch! Nowadays, the competitors are behind a tall fence whereas in years gone by the event was held in an open arena. How dangerous with all those bits of wood flying! The entrants use super sharp axes and a lot of brute strength to cut those logs of timber.

This is an event for women and it is with cross saws

This event is the 'tree' and the entrants use planks to climb to near the top and start chopping

The bloke on the left was having problems with a hard section of his 'tree' but the other blokes are going 'great guns' :-)

It started getting dark during the wood chop as the programme was running late...
Well this was part 3 and I still have more to come! lol


Dorothy said...

What a fun day. Some of those cakes were amazing.

Nurdan said...

I enjoyed all post related the 2012 Ekka :))

Cakes and fruit cakes section were amazing!Yummy yummy :))))

Maa said...

Brings back a few memories. The year my youngest son son was born, I was in Mater womens hospital nursing a new baby and my hubby and sister were at the Ekka enjoying themselves. I was bust feeling sorry for myself with the 'baby blues'. I love you friends 'felting'. Something I often think about learning to do. Sue