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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Out and about in Melbourne last week...

This time last week, DH and I left Ballarat and headed off for Melbourne, the capital of the state of Victoria. We stopped in Bacchus Marsh to have a look around.

A hotel in Bacchus Marsh

The Anglican church in Bacchus Marsh

Then it was back on the road and heading south through lovely undulating countryside.

Our first stop in Melbourne was at the beach suburb of St Kilda. On a Sunday, the markets are operating, so we wandered around the stalls which were selling a  variety of handcrafted items. We also wandered up the busy main street, checking out the shop windows. After a while DH suggested we move on to another old suburb, Prahan.

After walking around Chapel St for an hour it was time to head for our hotel in Richmond. Richmond is close to the city and has an excellent tram and train service. The hotel we stayed in was on the banks of the Yarra River and best of all, the trams stopped right outside. On our first night there (and all the other nights as well!) I enjoyed listening to the soft noise of the trams 'trundling' and swishing (it was raining) past the hotel. I'm a 'tram tragic'; trams were an important part of my childhood but were taken off Brisbane streets in early 1969, but my suburb 'lost' their tram service in December 1968. I'm still sulking about that! lol When we travel and visit a city with trams, DH (who was a tram conductor in his late teens) and I always get 'our fix' and have lots of tram trips.

Luna Park; Amusement park in St Kilda

The old Palace Theatre in St Kilda

Tram heading towards the St Kilda business district

The markets along the esplanade at St Kilda Beach

A side street in St Kilda

Lovely old terrace houses in St Kilda

Driving up Chapel St, Prahan (and yes! another tram photo)

At our hotel; looking towards the bridge and the Riverwalk beside the Yarra  River

The view as we leave the lift on 'our' floor of the hotel at Richmond

More of our Melbourne adventures in future posts...


Susan said...

Beaut photos Maria! I've heard that the markets in St Kilda are really something. Hope you got some goodies.
Sounds like you chose a great spot in Richmond for your accommodation too.

Janice said...

I know this strip was ages ago for you, but having discovered your blog only recently, I decided to have a nosey through your past posts.... I love Melbourne, and having discovered some cousins who live there, they are the grandchildren of my very own bigamist there are branches of our family who never knew about each other until I did some family history research. Now, we visit Melbourne whenever we can.... seems like evvery couple of years,and St Kilda is one of the places we absolutely love. Our 21 year old daughter spent 4 months there when she was a on a gap year 3 years ago...and also fell in love with it. I haven't been to Richmond...but am putting it on the list for next time.... hopefully Jan 2014. Great post...thanks. J.

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