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Sunday, February 28, 2021

Life in Colour

Reading the latest post of Catherine at Cathy @Still Waters blog  I found out about ‘Life in Colour’  here  where Jude from Travel Worlds has organised a photo challenge  in which photos  are posted which feature the monthly colour that has been chosen. February was yellow! I can remember colour challenges years ago and how much fun it was sorting through the IPad photo albums for the particular colour. 
So here are my ‘yellow’ themed photos. 

Now that Miss A is at school, I’m getting reacquainted with school resources used in the classroom. Her school uses the THRASS ( Teaching Handwriting, Reading and Spelling Skills) program which features a number of charts...printed on yellow. I ended up being trained twice in this program due to being transferred to a new school which was introducing the program to their students. Even though I already had certification, I did the 2 day course again. ( that wasn’t a hardship; 2 days off class and delicious morning and afternoon teas and lunches...what’s not to like! 😋😁) 

Late last year I taught our eldest granddaughter how to play Guess Who...there’s that yellow colour again! 

Next photo shows GD #5’s outfit. Her daddy was 40 in November and as part of his celebrations, he organised matching outfits for his family. But DsD2 did not wear shorts made from this fabric. 😝

A very indulgent breakfast of Egg Benedict. I’m fussy about Hollandaise sauce but this one was delicious. 

The sign in the consultation suite in Hearing Australia where DH was fitted with his hearing aids. 

A Miss Emma Wiggle doll aka the Yellow Wiggle’ belonging to one of our granddaughters. 

All my sharp items including that yellow rotary cutter, gathered up ready to hide from visiting granddaughters who love to cut things like paper, wool  and fabric that I probably don’t want them to cut! 

A yellow shopping bag full of bags of lollies and Miss A is helping me fill mini Christmas stockings with sweets ready for distribution to community groups that help the needy. 

Yellow sandal-shod feet peeping out from my pantry cupboard. 😜 Just a little someone waiting to open the door and shout, ‘Boo!’

When DH and I were in Sweden I bought a Pippi Longstocking doll. I decided that the doll would be GD Holly’s gift last Christmas and bought this book to go with it. DD2 especially loved the gift that her daughter received as she loves Pippi too! 

One of the squares that I ordered from Naturesface Art in Kuranda, except it’s not a square. Gerhard sent this rectangle as he’d run out of squares. The fabric prints are all from his nature photography.  

And one more! This is a mini quilt that I received in a swap quite a few years ago...the theme was Summer and Ilene who was my swap buddy said she heard the song ‘Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini’ on the radio and that was her inspiration. 

And there you have it...yellow! 
And I find I’m really looking forward to March’s colour!