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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Yarn Over at Grovely...

The third Saturday of each month, K4BN have a Knit and Natter at one of the nicest wool shops around, 'Yarn Over'. Originally the business was known as 'American Yarns' but now the selection is more diverse with the most beautiful yarns from all around the world. The business is owned by Gabrielle and as it's a 'small world', I went to high school with Gaby's mother and uncle and her mum's cousin was our rector at St James/John's for 6 years. I wrote about the K&N at this shop a few month's back, but because I only had my phone to take photos, I only did outside shots. So Dorothy, I remembered your comment about wanting photos of the inside of the shop, so here they are!

Lots of Lion brand yarn and Red Super saver especially

Lots of patterns; if you can't find one here, Gaby will check out Ravelry for you

Those cosy nook for Knit and natters and Sit and stitch sessions; the kettle is 'always on' as well :-)

The bargain bin near the front door...I just had to buy a ball of that pink Patons  Canadiana

Gaby gives lessons on machine knitting in this corner

Lots of toys in the play corner

Knitting bag Utopia!

Lots of retro patterns and files 

The lovely Gabrielle at the counter; note the swift on the counter. Skeins are rolled into balls here if the customer requires it
I'm pretty lucky that I live close by and can count this as my local yarn shop. ( I do live very close to Spotlight but don't think of it as my local yarn shop) Gabrielle is very generous to K4BN members with a 10% discount. There are also loyalty cards which soon 'fill up' allowing a $10 discount on the next purchase. It's become a very busy little shop which is due to the hard work that Gaby has put in to build up her business. Much of her business is via online sales so do use the link in the first sentence of the post, to have a little 'look see'.


Naturally Carol said...

Even non knitters would be enticed by all those pretty colours. Gaby sounds like a treasure too. The shop is very spacious and has lots of room to relax and chat in.

Dorothy said...

Ooohhh envy envy envy !!!! I LOVE the look of everything in the shop (including Gaby who is a real gem). I'd go crazy in there - might have to think about a trip up north sometime. I'd love to go to a K&N one day. How far is it from Brisbane? Thanks for the lovely pics Maria. I received Gaby's newsletter yesterday and have to restrain myself - my craft room is overflowing :(

Sue Grier said...

Wow is all I can say. I will definitely need to pay a visit in the coming weeks.

Velvet Moss said...

Hi Maria, slightly off the subject sorry. I read some of your posts on Saturday morning and somehow the one of the 12th Sept resonated...and on Saturday I made the decision to go sugar free in order to lose some weight...and just be generally healthier. So I've now done it for 3 days. Thank you for such an inspiring post!

Nurdan Kanber said...

What a colorful post!
Your photos definitely pushed me to knit something :)
Wishing you a great week!

duchess_declutter said...

Wow - such a lovely shop with a huge range of product. I'd be seriously tempted if I didn't have a big backlog of wool to work my way through already.
cheers Wendy