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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Random things happening round here lately...

Yesterday we were all surprised by the fog that we woke to. Fogs usually lift pretty quickly here in Brisbane, but this one didn't lift until 9.30. 

This morning I headed off to another one of my regular 'Knit and Natters' but first I had an important package to drop off to DH's nephew, who is a house painter. He was working on a townhouse in our suburb    and so it was an excellent opportunity to hand over the bridal headpiece that his fiance was borrowing from me for their wedding in 2 weeks time. I had offered to lend it to her and I was thrilled when she accepted. It's not a vintage item as I bought it in 2004 for my marriage to DH. Then the following year, DD1 also wore it so it's becoming something special in the family. So Mel will have the headpiece for her 'practice hair-do' and of course I look forward to seeing it on 'their big day'.

Today at K&N, I didn't have any finished projects to hand in but I didn't go empty handed. A friend gave me several dozen cakes of soap as a donation. She used to paint designs on cakes of soap and then gift wrap them so that's why she had this quite large stockpile of soap.  But she's decided that she'd rather do other craft projects so donated them to K4BN and thus made some space in her cupboard :-). The same friend had also given me a bag of older patchwork fabrics a few years ago now...probably late 70s vintage. I knew I wouldn't get around to using them any time soon and I knew that 2 of the ladies who come to Zillmere K&N were looking for donations of fabrics. They loved what I brought in today so next month I will give them another lot...and I'll have some space too. 

Some photos of our Knit and Natter today...
Elaine made this; it's called 'lolly cake' and it's a New Zealand recipe. Elaine's friend in NZ sent her the lollies and she made this cake...the cake part is actually crushed biscuits and melted butter. How evil is that? I just ate my banana ! lol

The lady closest to the camera on the lefthand side is deaf. She comes each month and we give her a hand with deciphering the knitting terms in the pattern. Today I wrote out the explanation which seemed to work better . 

Some of the today's donations; we had a 142 items today!

My DD1, who moved back home temporarily a few weeks back has now moved out again. She is renting a very nice house with a friend who originally worked with her when they were 19 and they have stayed friends ever since. Fingers crossed that it all works out well.
 DD1's new rental...

Lastly I want to share some lovely items that I got recently in the mail...

I got this beautiful handmade card from Becky
and I signed up for a bag swap over at Cheryll's blog and my swap partner was Shez. Poor Shez has to wait a bit longer for her 'black and white' bag as I dither about and change 'direction' with the finishing touches etc and re-do parts as I feel that they need stiffer interfacing...but this is the magnificent black and white knitting bag that Shez sent to me...including a beautiful bar of handmade soap!
I 'christened' my new bag today and took it to the K&N

Lots of room inside for when those knitted throws get bigger :-)
I'm so appreciative of all your work Shez.


Becky said...

I'm so glad that you liked your card and that bag is AMAZING! I absolutely LOVE black and white projects and especially love them when I tiny bit of red is thrown in to PUNCH!

Dorothy said...

Oh for a piece of that lolly cake !! Naturally its one of the things I really SHOULDN'T have. :( Your knit and natter looks so nice - wish there was one down here. Love your new bag - clever Shez. Have a good week. xoxox

Anonymous said...

so glad you like your bag Maria and what a lovely card,and how gorgeous is your bridal head piece.xx