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Monday, September 10, 2012

It's been a really good day after all...

I've been a slight bit 'down' in the last week as DD1 has ended up coming home to live due to issues she was having with her former housemate. She is the child whom I worry about constantly...I can't help it :-/ The state of her general health is often 'fragile' as is her emotional health. And sure enough, yesterday she started vomiting... DH and I have given shelter to not only DD1 but also a boyfriend whom we had not met previously... Anyway enough of that...but I didn't expect to have much of a day today as I'm also still getting over a cold but you just never know what a new day will bring...
Firstly, I found enough energy to foliar feed my veggies with a solution of epsom salts, just to give them a bit of a boost. Then I planted out some seedlings that were still in their little punnets so I started to feel that I had achieved something worthwhile.

The veggie patch has been productive this year

Then I had a bit of a break and sat in front of the computer. I haven't mentioned this, but last week a 're-installing' of a program resulted in what appeared to be, a loss of everything in the computer, programs, files, the operating system ...the lot! And we had not done 'back up' CDs for this computer...ooh wah! Not good! My brother got it all going again but we couldn't find those files or programs...too bad so sad...get over it!!! (I was quite bereft; all my scanned craft stuff gone, photos etc, also gone)
Today I 'clicked around' in C Drive and I saw 'Windows.old'. I'm sure that that was not there even yesterday...but who knows??? Well I opened it and found all the files and photos that we thought that we had lost....what a wonderful feeling.
Now after that boost, the day looked really good...and then the postie came with a parcel for me from WA. A blogger friend had sent me some yarn as a thank you for some patterns that I had sent her. Thank you Maria (or 'The Other Maria' as we each call ourselves to each other)

After that, I spent some time working on a task that had been given to me for the parish Fair...sewing fabric over logos on 'green bags'. It's a fiddly business and I've been really slow getting the job done. I've handed in three already but had this lot still to do. Today I got the fabric 'turned under all around', pressed and pinned on the bags. So that's quite a bit of progress on this project. We will only charge $1 for them so hopefully they will sell. I tried to use interesting fabrics on them.

The first 3 bags that have already been handed in...

There are 5 here in the pile; all pressed and pinned ready to sew.

Later on I had a shower to get rid of the 'gardening grime' before DH and I headed off  to do some errands and buy some groceries. I saw the scales there on the bathroom floor and thought ,' I wonder how my weight is going?'. I stood on the scales and got a lovely surprise...since early May when I started  the 'Avoiding sugar' regimen, I have lost just over 9 kilograms... I'm rapt!!! I don't see the 'cardio' until mid November, so there is a good chance I can 'get rid of' a few more kilos before then. For years I have used an exercise bike and have lost a pitiful number of grams...but I kept eating 'those treats', albeit less than in previous years. Looks like Dr N was right about sugar :-/


Anonymous said...

nothing better Maria than fresh vegs from your garden and what a lovely thing for the other Maria to do,lovely lot of bags there they will surely sell.xx

Hey Maria have you thought about turning the word veriation off its a real time waster when you cant read the letters and have to keep trying to comment.xx

Dorothy said...

Congrats on the great weight loss. I could take a leaf out of your book !! Those bags look fabulous - love them. What a good idea. Do you use the sewing machine to stitch them on?

PS .. I agree with Shez - I'm about to go for my 4th attempt. Would you believe 5th?

kaiteM said...

I'll just add here that i've had my word verifn off for quite a while now and have had only very minor problems. The trick is to disallow anonymous comments, that way the spam is very, very limited.
Hope all goes well with your residents and congrats with the weight loss, it's not an easy thing to do.

kaiteM said...

You've done it!! well done Maria.

Susan said...

Sorry to hear your DD1 is having a few problems - here's a good wish that they resolve quickly.
Your vegies look good - isn't it beaut to have some home growns to supplement the bought stuff!
Oh that was so good that you hadn't lost all your data from the computer - yes, once it's gone it's gone... but it's maddening. A timely reminder for me to do a backup now.
Pretty wool from Other Maria!
I must say how pretty you've made those shopping bags... I'm sure they'll sell well at only $1.
That was so well done losing that much weight - all through avoiding sugar. Kind of says it all doesn't it.
Cheers now Maria, and all the best :D)

Susan said...

p.s. it's soooo good now your word veri is off - onya Maria :D)

Maria said...

I understand about having a DD to worry about... I am sure things will work out.
Pleased you found you files and photos.... Hope you have backed them up now..
the shopping bags look good with the fabric on but I agree it would be fiddlely

Maria said...

Oh well done with the weight thing...
Hmm so I need to give up sugar... What completely????

purplepear said...

So lucky that your computer glich turned out OK. Those bag cover ups are a good idea. Love the fabrics you used. Hope all turns out well with your family. I know how hard it can be.

Susan said...

Hi Maria, me again! I've been thinking about you having lost 9 kgs since early May by avoiding sugar. It's really quite an achievement and I had a little look in your archives in case you'd posted more about how you went about it.
Obviously, just stop eating foods with large quantities of sugar. However, you lost some serious weight there and I was wondering how you got through the first couple of weeks which would've been the hardest. It truly is a craving. I can go without it for about 5 days, but, then, I cave in and have treats (can't stop at just one tiny piece of chocolate either!). Then I feel awful (hot flushes galore, itching and wakefulness). Did you use sugar substitutes of any kind? When you get time, I'd love to read how you did it Maria - I'm sure others would too :D)