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Friday, September 21, 2012

Let's go for a drive...

This was DH's suggestion this lovely spring, Saturday morning, so we did. We headed north from home, towards the Redcliffe Peninsula.

Here we are, crossing Bramble Bay via the Houghton Highway

Just had to put the camera outside the window to take a photo of the part of the old Hornibrook Highway Bridge that has been left standing

Off the bridge now and looking towards the unit buildings that are taking over  areas such as Clontarf

Looking towards the sea

The 'Red Dolphin' fish and chip shop at Margate, where we originally planned to buy lunch

The foreshore is being redeveloped at Margate

DH's favourite fish shop in the peninsula area is the Red Dolphin, (mine is Morgans' Takeaway at Scarborough) and we planned to buy some fish and chips there. But the queue in the shop was very long indeed. A number of years ago, we once waited over and hour at this shop in the late afternoon. It IS very popular. We decided to drive towards Redcliffe instead of ordering at the Red Dolphin.

As we drove into Scott's Point was saw another fish shop which had a cafe we stopped there instead. We waited hardly any time for our food and it was delicious! And the view out to sea was wonderful too.

I just had to take a photo of our lunch; what a treat. 

DH was sitting under a sign which said 'Do not feed wildlife'; there's a dog on the sign but I expect it really refers to the pesky seagulls! lol

More of the view from our table.

Did you notice the blonde lady in red in some of those photos? Well she was joined by a man ( I refuse to use the term 'gentleman') just as our meal arrived. After he sat down, in a loud voice, he proceeded to tell off this young woman for repeating something which she had been told about him. It would seem to be in the workplace that this happened. DH and I had already sussed that he was something in Real Estate and this was confirmed as this loud conversation/tirade continued beside our table. DH and I tried to continue our conversation normally but it was difficult with the volume of this man's voice. We were both appalled that such a public place was chosen for this 'dressing down'! DH had been a manager in his work career and was adamant that this was not the way he would have handled such a situation. So while we were 'entertained' during our meal, we were glad to get away too.

We had a quick stop at Westfield North Lakes and then headed towards home.

After such a large lunch, it will be just a sandwich for dinner tonight! lol

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Sue Grier said...

Perfect day in Redcliffe today. Sorry to hear your lunch was spoiled by someone who chose the shop to give someone a dressing down. We use to go to those places there at Margate but have found a quaint little cafe over at Scarborough behind the Caravan Park. A hidden beauty of Redcliffe.