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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Three girls and a quilt show...

I often write posts about 'my old schoolfriends' and this weekend, there was a quilt show for a patchwork group that one of my former school mates belongs to. Three of us decided to support Jan and her fellow quilters, by attending the show yesterday morning. We had a wonderful time looking at all the beautiful quilts, and as photos were allowed, we took quite a few photos too! The first photo that I tried to take, my camera didn't seem to want to turn on...then I remembered...the battery was still at home in the charger. I'd forgotten to put it back in the camera. Luckily my phone takes quite good photos :-)
The battery still in the charger at home  :-( 

My friends Val (closest to camera) and Jane...

Suzan Saliba

Another one of Suzan's works...

There were a number of local patchwork shops represented , which were selling lots of goodies such as fabrics, kits, patterns and other patchwork accessories 
Some of the handbag patterns that were for sale...

Another pattern for sale was this baby donut :_)

This was a 'Cathedral Window' quilt just near the entry

Two friends (and fellow bloggers) were also at the show, Cheryl and  Lynda

This was one of the two quilts that our friend Jan entered into the show, 'Florabunda'; it is magnificent!
Jan's second quilt

My friend Jane took a closeup of the label on Jan's 'Florabunda' quilt giving details of the  pattern designer and the  who did the quilting (Suzan Saliba)

Close-ups of Jan's second quilt

Val, Jan and I in front of Suzan Saliba's stall

Val and I in front of the grevillias in the carpark 
Our entry also entitled us to refreshments in a lovely undercover area to one side of the hall. Whom should I meet there (no pics) but my SIL and BIL and Judie Bellingham...(Judie is the organiser of Sisters of Stitch, a quilter and a quilting judge to name just a few of her roles)
And if you want a read about another's visit to the same show, read about the Sunshine Linus group's bus trip here


Becky said...

OH what a wonderful day!!!! The quilts are stunning and I would have loved to attend.

Anonymous said...

what gorgeous quilts,so glad you had a lovely day.xx

Linn said...

What a lovely day...friends...quilts...patchwork....can it get any better!