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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Carnival of Flowers...

Each year Toowoomba hosts this carnival for 10 days in September. In January 2011, this city received publicity all around the world when heavy rains caused what was described as an inland  tsunami. Flood waters tore through the heart of the city and television footage of vehicles being swept along was shown right around the the globe; within a week, Brisbane was also flooded.

In  September last year, the carnival was held just as usual showing the determination of the community 'to get back to normal'. It was hailed as 'the best carnival ever' in the town with wonderful spring weather and gardens looking magnificent. DH and I didn't go last year, but tomorrow we're heading 'up the range' to spend the day in Toowoomba. You know that I will take heaps of photos because that's what I do! But I've found some photos from a visit DH and I made to Toowoomba in September 2010. The actual carnival had ended a few days before but the display in Queens Park still looked pretty good.

I loved these giant echiums!
I wonder what colours will feature in the garden beds this year; they will be beautiful that is one thing that is guaranteed. I will be looking for impressive looking trees for the next week of the photographic scavenger hunt though!


Becky said...

OH WOW! I wish I was going with you but will look forward to your photos. My Sister-in-law and her husband visited Australia a few years back and took so many beautiful photos. ONE DAY.... it's on my list of places to visit. But first Ireland and Scotland as that is where our ancestors came from.

Anonymous said...

such beautiful pics Maria.xx

Dorothy said...

Beautiful gardens. Isn't Toowoomba known as the garden city ?? Enjoy your day and I'll look forward to seeing your pics. xox