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Friday, September 14, 2012

Tomorrow is the big day...

Yes Saturday Sept 15 will be here tomorrow; which means our parish twilight fair is finally happening after months of preparations. All the sewing bee nights, craft days and meetings will culminate in what we hope is an excellent fundraiser.

DH's opinion of these events is that people should each put in say, $100 each and raise money that way. In other words he would rather donate money than work at such an event. But he'll be there early tomorrow morning helping put up marquees and carrying  out tables and other equipment and generally setting things up. We have lots of entertainments aimed at families with young children. So there will be a baby animal farm, face painting, patty cake decorating, jumping castle, Teddy and Doll parade and a games alley.

Last Sunday Greg was working on some signs
A few of us worked at this table last Sunday, wrapping items in cellophane and attaching price tags
Some of the items for the silent auction, awaiting wrapping in cellophane and being decorated with bows

Some jars of 'cookie' mix
Earlier this year I took home a 'pile' of 'green' bags to upcycle, by sewing rectangles over the logos on the bags. Just finished the last lot the other day.
 I'm working on the craft stall tomorrow and other stalls include such old favourites as, books, bric a brac, plants, cakes and sweets, clothing, bottle stall and jams and preserves. There will be a 'silent auction' with some great items in the auction, as well as the usual raffles and wheels. DH has been in charge of co-ordinating the entertainments throughout the hours 3pm to 8pm. Entertainments will range from a male choir, a Mainly Music demonstration, a father and daughter singing duo, Hillbrook (a local private school) Choristers and a static display from the local Historical Society.
Because selling food is generally a good way to raise funds, the organiser have made sure that there will be plenty of variety. Early in the afternoon there will be the usual Devonshire Teas but from 5pm the International Food Stall will operate with foods such as homemade curries, lasagne and borscht soup available, plus all the appropriate accompaniments.

DH and I donated some 'cello' bags for baking and sweets as well as some cake boxes, to help with presentation :-)
After the craft items were wrapped in cello and priced last Sunday, they were boxed up and stored in the back pews  ready for tomorrow

Organising...the lady on the left, Dianne, took on the role of Convenor of this event and she has done a brilliant job
This afternoon, I completed my final allocated task... prepare and wrap up  these bonbons. They may be for some prizes in the Games Alley...not sure. (and no I didn't sample any of the sweets! lol)
Because the Fair is in the afternoon, I'm able to go along to the K4BN Knit and Natter at Grovely in the morning for an hour or so :-) before the hard work begins!


Anonymous said...

hope you have a great day Maria.xx

Dorothy said...

Oh I do love a fair and wish I was close enough to come along. Good luck with everything which I'm sure will be enjoyed by all. Your bags look great. xoxox

Naturally Carol said...

The people who come will get some beautiful bargains..have a great time!

Velvet Moss said...

Hi Maria, Thanks for visiting my blog and making your lovely comment. I hope the twilight fair goes well! regards Jill

Nurdan said...

Congrats on the forthcoming event!
Wish you every success both on the fund raising and organizational issues!

Awaiting for photos of the events as well!

Have a lovely and successful weekend!


Maria said...

Hope everything went well for the fair and you sold everything....

kaiteM said...

My very best wishes for your Fair and i wish i could be there to help and to enjoy it also. That's a lovely photo of you, i think it's about time you updated your icon pic as you are so much slimmer now, you are a new woman!

Linn said...

Mmm licorice all sorts. Havn't had one of those in years. Hope you all had a great time and made lots of money for the fundraiser.