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Thursday, September 20, 2012

'Iron Woman'?

One of my friends suggested that I should adopt the above name ...she was joking though :-) She wasn't referring to my athletic prowess I can tell you lol!
Since the end of 2008 I have been having 'iron infusions' since a routine blood test identified that I had developed anaemia. So about twice a year, I attend a small day hospital and get 'hooked up' to a drip for about 6 hours. The drip contains an  iron solution which the helps my iron reserves be replenished.

Why am I anaemic? Lots of tests showed nothing; but apparently it is not uncommon for people to develop problems storing iron and I just happen to be one. I always used to 'make a day' of these procedures, taking along something to read and some craft project or other. I have gotten to know the nursing staff as well as the lady who serves the meals and had got very adept at manoeuvring the apparatus that the drip is attached to, down the hallway and to the restroom :-) But all that has changed since my last infusion, last November.

When the receptionist of my haematologist rang me with the details about today, she said that there was a new procedure for iron infusion. She said it would take half and hour! I had to get her to repeat that because that is a big difference compared to 6 hours! So today I had the new procedure, 'Feinject' and it took 18 minutes to get the same quantity of iron into my system as I would normally receive over 6 hours. I was pretty impressed!   In about 3 weeks I'll feel the full effect of replenished iron out world!

One tiny bag of iron; about a third of the size that I used to have infused

Reading all the information about 'Feinject'

After 8 minutes or so, half the bag is empty


Naturally Carol said... mother has this same condition and gets her iron replenished a few times a year as well.

Nurdan Kanber said...

Sorry to hear that and happy for new treatment!

Get well soon Dear Maria!

Susan said...

Wow Maria, what an advancement on the old routine!! I think that's incredible and can only imagine what a difference it will make for you.

Everything you achieve, taking into account the fact you get low on iron.. therefore energy... is just incredible! Go you! :D)

kaiteM said...

That's so much better for you, breathe a big sigh of relief. happy weekend and Spring Equinox.