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Monday, September 17, 2012

Some more of my Saturday 'doings' ...

Last Saturday, I was unfortunate to wake up and find that I'd lost my voice...well I could talk in a squeaky-husky fashion, but only with difficulty :-(  But I still went on with all that had been planned. So after the Knit and Natter, I came home for lunch and a rest before DH and I headed off to the parish Twilight Fair. The weather was just perfect and my main role for the afternoon was manning the pay station for the Craft Stall. We had a steady stream of customers throughout the afternoon, as did the cake stall which shared the back of the church with the craft stall. It wasn't long before the cake stall looked quite denuded! lol So using photos, I'll take you on a walk round the Fair.
DH clowning around the craft stall

The Cakes, Jams, Lollies and Preserves Stall

The second table of the crafts' stall

Two of our parishioners at their 'babywear' stall

Used/Pre-loved clothing stall

My friend Patricia setting up the book stall

The "Bush Ministry' stall

The Silent Auction; donated goods and people write down their bids during the afternoon. Bidding closed at 7pm, and winners of each item were announced

Isabel busy in the kitchen

This photo of one of the amusement tents was taken just before the fair opened

The baby animal farm, just before opening time

The Teddy Bear Hospital

The little jumping castle

Faye, one of our older parishioners at the Devonshire Tea pay station

Dave, the announcer, in his Town Crier outfit :-)

Around 3pm, the craft and cake stalls got quite busy

The cake stall is looking quite bare here; student choristers from the local Anglican Private school are entertaining fair goers here also

Afternoon tea and chat time for our visitors

Another peek at what was happening in the hall...

Marlene who shared the job at the pay station with me...

The Apollo Men's Choir also entertained during the afternoon 

After 6pm here and the lights are on in one of the marquees

Our rector Fr Bruce, and his grand daughter are singing 'There's a Hole in the Bucket', much to the delight of those still at the Fair.
As far as we know, we did not achieve the profit that the Convenor had set as a goal. But we were successful in raising several thousand dollars in an atmosphere that was just delightful and lots of fun. Lots of people working together is always so rewarding I find, and a definite bonus if it's enjoyable. 


Maria said...

there would not have been much natter at your morning group from you....
Hope you are 100% again now..
thanks for taking for a wlk around the Twilight Fair.. I should think raising several thousand was a good effort from you all.

Naturally Carol said...

Fairs like yours really bring the community together and are profitable in many different ways.

kaiteM said...

Wow i feel as if i've been there, but missed out on the cakes. Do hope you're better by now.

Linn said...

Love going to fairs and yours looks like it was a fun one.

Nurdan Kanber said...

Hello Maria
Another lovely post :)
I also came to say that in my last-(yesterday's) post, I arranged a list for some blogs including yours as "blogs worth a visit", and I saw Peskir has already become your follower! Your blog may get some other hits from other bloggers among my followers too!

I did it without your permission - sorry if I did wrong!

All my very best!