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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Looking out my kitchen window again and seeing off friends...

I thought I might share some more of the photos that I took for the feature' View from my kitchen window' which I posted on Monday just gone....

Across the road, the house on the left has immaculately trimmed hedges

When I planted this bamboo in 2006 it was tiny. It is not an invasive variety, just clumping  in a small area

 For the photo below, I used the telescopic setting, but still aimed the camera in the same direction. In the background is part of a nearby range of hills (DH refuses to call them mountains! lol) . There are some brownish patches on that hill and these are where a fire burned through recently. Then, through those treetops below the hill, there is a white building peeping through. This is a block of units on the old McCauley College campus of the Australian Catholic University. (the uni relocated to Banyo) To the right of those unit, peeping through the treetops is a brown brick building. This is now part of Mt Maria Senior College, but it used to be a convent (Convent of the Good Shepherd). And in that convent grounds was a laundry. Also in those grounds was a 'home for unmarried mothers'. Those girls/women would spend the latter part of their pregnancy living in this home and they would work in the laundry to pay for their upkeep and medical care.  I bet the young people of today would think I'd made that all up :-) But there were a number of these 'homes' scattered throughout Brisbane, usually run by some church or other.

Double click to find that former convent! :-)
Now something a bit different...
Today DH's cousin and her husband headed off on a 3 week camping trip to try out their new caravan. Pamela retired in February and they had planned to be on the road doing 'the grey nomad' thing, pretty well straight away. But that wasn't to be. They decided to replace their former caravan and bought this van. Then she and her husband have spent ages fitting it out to the standard they want. Then Pamela, a marriage celebrant, was booked by one of DH's nephew for his wedding in early October.; that's why this trip is only for 3 weeks. This is just an observation I've made, but so many people tend to book celebrants with not much more time allowed than the Notice of Marriage which is 1month and 1 day.

Garry supervising the packing of the freezer and fridge

The vehicle and the van

Van is named after Garry's hometown in Victoria

DH after chatting to his cousin while she packed the fridge...

Pamela...fridge all packed now

The boys checking out the fancy towing mirror

DH and I went over to 'get my instructions' for looking after the indoor, the balcony and the back patio plants. They were running a bit behind so we wished them a safe trip and left them to all those last minute jobs. Their trip will include, the Bunya Mountains, then a drive on the inland route to Hervey Bay. Then from there, a drive down the coast doing all the 'touristy things'.
And finally, Garry grows pansies each year as they are Pamela's favourite flower. Garry picked some for me today and told me to pick some every time I come over to water the plants.


Dorothy said...

Beautiful pansies .. such a deep colour. Hope your rellies enjoy their holiday. xoxox

Naturally Carol said...

An interesting history lesson! Pansies just look so soft and velvety don't they?

Susan said...

A beaut trip indeed - they'll enjoy themselves. I love pansies and violas too.
Thanks for the interesting read too Maria :D)