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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Darn! I forgot F.N.S.I.

Yep! Reading other people's blogs today, I realised that I forgot all about this. I had checked out Heidi's blog a few weeks ago but then promptly forgot the details. But as it turns out, I was a bit busy on Friday night though. DH's DD2 and her fiance arrived back home late Friday afternoon, after 3 months backpacking throughout South America. DH picked them up from the airport and the young couple came to dinner at our place. A week or so ago, when they had accepted our invitation to dinner, I sent them an email asking if they had any requests of what they would like to eat, after being away from home cooking for so long...and the answer was roast vegetables...that was what they were craving! lol

K clowning around at Chapado lookout in Brazil

In La Paz in Bolivia

Animal called capivara crossing the road (Brazil); it's the world's largest rodent

Chapado lookout in Brazil

The entrance to the Transpantanal ; an amazing road (not open all year round though)

Not sure if this is a piranha or not but I know they did see them in the wild.

So I cooked some beef in the slow cooker and did a large baking dish of roast potatoes, pumpkin and sweet potatoes in the oven. So we sat around the dinner table  eating the baked dinner and hearing more about their adventures. They had first spent a week or so in the US catching up with friends in various states and then went to Mexico City to catch a flight to Peru. From Peru, they headed to Bolivia, then Argentina, then Uruguay and then to Brazil. Finally last week they flew to Santiago in Chile, to catch their flight to Auckland and then another flight to Brisbane. So what an adventure they had; saw wonderful sights and met extraordinary people; each also became quite ill with a virus at one stage, DsD2 also suffered a bout of food poisoning, had a fall, ran low on money, had delayed flights the good with the bad.

Now they were both very tired, so they went on their way fairly early, so then I sat down with some knitting...This is my Knitted Minestrone project...the coloured sections consists of oddments/ends/scraps of yarn. It's a throw, I'm using 8 ply black yarn but the scraps are a variety of plys. There are a number of us who contribute to the Knit Minestrone Blog and we're having lots of fun with our projects...


Anonymous said...

lovely post Maria.xx

Maria said...

You can join us for FNSI any month. So nice to have the young ones over and to share some of their photos.Thank you

Becky said...

OH NO! I forgot too... but I've been horribly sick this weekend and was pretty much in a fog Friday night and all day yesterday - just now starting to feel human again.

Your young couple had an amazing adventure - one they will always remember I'm sure.

Cheryll said...

They look like they had a great journey! And there is always next month at FNSI... that's the beauty of it.. it comes around again! :)

Naturally Carol said...

Hi Maria, that's some adventure! I bet you are glad that they're home safely again after all of those setbacks. The plusses seemed to outweigh the minuses thank goodness. What are you knitting the blanket with..that is the biggest needle I've ever seen!