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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Birthdays...and memories...

Today is DD1's birthday and tomorrow is DD2's's that for timing? DD2 was actually born 3 weeks early and really took us all by surprise. Last year I wrote blog posts about those births  here and here as so many of the memories remain with me.
This year we are having a quiet family dinner, no extended family and only my DDs are available out of our 5 girls. The girls got their gifts, months ago as there were things that both needed back then. DH and I have put a $10 'scratchie' in with each card, so you never know...they may be lucky enough to win something! :-)
I thought that this year I would share some favourite photos of my girls from their early years:-

This is DD1 aged about 15 months,standing up in her cot.  In the cot she has her beloved lambskin (known as 'blaney') and a favourite toy from that time, her red sheepskin snake called Barbara Boa. Blaney is still around but just in little pieces as is Barbara. Notice the little bonds nightie she is wearing? well....
 I still have it, stored with other favourites in a little red box...

Like these little dresses worn by both girls :-)

And this little matinee jacket that I knitted

DD2 at about 2

DD2 wearing a dress that I made for her

Her big sister had a similar dress that I also made...

The girls with my mum, one Christmas morning

The first day of school for DD2; DD1 was going into Year 4

DD2 and I at Nanna's place at Ringwood, Victoria; she was about 18months old here

DD2 and I in the little rented house we shared 11 years ago...she was 17 

DD2 (on the left) on her first communion day

DD1 and I in a friend's pool in Cairns in the early 1990s

On the same holiday as previous photo; we are at the Port Douglas markets

At Kuranda (near Cairns); DD2 was surprised by the cheekiness of the lorikeet.

Modelling their new winter dressing gowns, made by me :-)

Aged 9 and 12 here

DD1 at the Year 12 formal; photo taken at the venue not at our house! lol. I sewed the dress.

DD2 at her Year 12 formal ( we bought the dress  on LayBY as it was more expensive than expected)
So there we have it, some photos from's amazing how the years have flown :-) Once again I've made DD2 a Black Forest Cake but for DD1, her cake has come from Michel's Bakery!


Becky said...

WONDERFUL photo memories!

Nurdan Kanber said...

Congratulations on birthdays of DD1 and DD2 and wishing them both happiness, wealthiness and prosperous lives to lead!

Thank you for sharing such meaningful and precious memories with us!

Maria said...

Happy Birthday to both your Daughters...
so nice to see their photos...
Love the sweet dresses, nightie and matinee jackets..

duchess_declutter said...

Happy birthday to them both - and to you too Maria. Birthdays are always reflective for the mum too I think. Lovely photo memories. cheers Wendy