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Thursday, July 26, 2012

We went to the Gold Coast but we didn't go to the beach...

Yesterday DH and I met some relatives who are on a cruise. The ship was in Brisbane just for the day. Now these relatives could be classed as 'ex relatives' because they are in-laws from my former marriage. But luckily for me many of my ex husband's family are still quite comfortable being friends with not only myself, but in Murray and Marlene's case, they have been so welcoming to DH. We've had invitations to family weddings and have stayed with M & M and when my former MIL died, DD2 and I flew to Melbourne and stayed with them then. 

Marlene and I at the Rovers Ball, Melbourne, 1971

So when DH and I were in Victoria in June, we spent time with the extended family which now includes M&Ms grand-daughters. We already knew of the upcoming cruise, so in June we planned what we would do when the ship docked in Brisbane. Marlene's sister and her husband bring a caravan up to Queensland each winter and stay in Coolangatta. The plan was that we would pick up M&M and their youngest son, Terry, drive them to the coast and we would all spend the day with Jack and Carmel who are in the middle of their 2 month stay.

So yesterday morning we set off to the passenger terminal at Hamilton. At midnight the day before, Brisbane's  Airport link tunnel opened to traffic and for a while it is toll free, so naturally we drove through it as it shortened our trip to Hamilton considerably. 

In the new tunnel

Light near the end of the tunnel

Exiting near the airport

We're not actually going to the airport, so we turn towards Nudgee Rd; The overpass we're driving under takes traffic from Sandgate Rd to the airport

Driving alongside one of Brisbane's racecourses, note the trumpet vine growing over the walls in flower

A glimpse of the Dawn Princess in the middle of the photo

Our meeting place

When I went into the terminal our tourists were dressed in summer gear as they expected that Brisbane would be very warm. Luckily they had jackets because it does get quite cool here in July. Then off we went to the coast. 

DH, Jack, Murray and Terry

Terry, Carmel, Marlene

2 of the bowling greens

Back at the van park

We had a little tour of the new caravan and holiday park, lunch at the local bowls' club (which is huge), some more chatting and coffee back at the holiday park. Then it was time to head back towards Brisbane before the traffic got too heavy. 
A little while back I wrote a post about the Gold Coast here and I included photos of the beaches and street scenes. the cruise that the 'rellies' were on, leaves from Sydney and circumnavigates Australia. It stops at a number of places including Geraldton, Broome, Darwin, Port Douglas, Airlie Beach and of course Brisbane. The cruise also stops in Lombok in Indonesia. Tours are arranged at each stop but yesterday DH and I were the tour directors! lol

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duchess_declutter said...

The tunnel looks good and obviously saves time - good being free too for a while. Nice trumpet vine!
Looks like you had a good day.
cheers Wendy