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Sunday, July 22, 2012

A nice quiet weekend...

Originally Saturday was going to be a bit hectic as I tried to be in 2 places at once! Yep...the Inner City Combined Churches fete  clashed with the Knit and Natter at Grovely. Usually DH and I do a lot of preparatory work for the BBQ stall that our parish has at this fete. All the planning was done via the organisers sending out emails asking for volunteers for the various tasks. Other people answered these emails before DH and I had even read them...and they 'took' all the jobs! So this year we weren't organising the meats, cutting up onions, tomatoes and lettuces etc...what a shame! lol  Here are some photos from last year...first a photo of DH, wearing swimming goggles, helping slice onions...we'd read somewhere that wearing the goggles stops the eyes watering as you peel and slice the onions!

DH manning the BBQ in 2011

I knitted a few scarves to be my contribution to the parish stall.

I knitted 4 scarves, but pulled out one because I ran out of wool before it was long enough

Close-up of the scarf made with some fancy yarn that I bought in the shop at Bendigo Woollen Mill
DH had volunteered to go early and help move the BBQ from St Johns into another parishioner's ute and then drive over to the venue for the fete, and help cook and serve. The plan was that I would drive over a little later and give a hand serving but leave in time to get to the K&N by 10. However, Thursday and Friday, I had developed a bit of a cough and on Saturday, the thought of all that rushing back and forth, as well as standing in the cold shady park, wasn't as attractive any more. So I rugged up, sucked on some 'Fisherman's Friends' lozenges which eases the coughing, and went to Gaby's shop where I sank into a comfy chair and knitted and chatted.

I parked in the station carpark. That's the shop adjacent to the carpark

Plenty of car spaces that doesn't happen on a week day!

It actually worked out well as DH reported later that there were plenty of helpers and very few customers. In fact very few hamburgers were sold and my 3 scarves weren't sold either. Last year the scarves hardly sat on the counter and we sold nearly 200 sausages. Sign of the times I guess...I wouldn't mind having the scarves back to give to the needy but I guess that's not very polite to ask for  them back! Unfortunately lack of customers will mean the funds raised will be down a bit.


ozgrkdn said...

thank you,my finger better:))you have very intense jobs!are you trying too,good luck..Wearing swimming goggles...ha ha ha...Get well soon,Bye:)

Dorothy said...

Does wearing the goggles really help ? Haven't heard that before but it sounds feasible. Hope you're feeling a bit better and that the ladies at the KnN cheered you up. How about some piccies of that next time? xoxox

Nurdan said...

Hello Maria,

I saw your constantly comments on a blog which I am also following and I was curious about you :)

So, I got your blog and read your profile first! I liked your life philosophy very much! Then I realized that one of my precious blogger friend is your follower too.

It is enough for me to follow your blog!!! Besides my mum is also a retired elementary school teacher (another reasonable reason)

So, I am gonna follow you with interest whatever you will write or do on knitting as well as sewing!

Sorry this time my comment is not related with the post!

Wishing you a wonderful Sunday!


kaiteM said...

I'd certainly ask for them back especially as you have somewhere good for them to go to, not rude at all. Very sensible, otherwise they will linger in a box for ages.

Susan said...

Hi Maria, I love the DH in goggles for his onion peeling... did it work? Our daughter's trick is to keep them in the fridge.
You both give such a lot to your community. Shame on the sales being down.
I agree with KaiteM - not rude to ask for your beautiful scarves back, it'd be sad for someone needy missing out. A lot of work and your time goes into each one of your creations :D)