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Monday, July 30, 2012

The colour brown...

Not my favourite colour even though I do have brown eyes! lol  Once again I'm joining in with Evi over at Sister Sun and selecting photos to share with a theme colour.
In Stratford on Avon

Chocolate coconut slice

Another slice just out of the oven

A potato plant shoots up through the soil; autumn leaves are strewn around too.

Spent potting mix ready to be composted

This was in a pack of washed lettuce leaves that I bought; it's a piece of twig of some sort

Every year DD2 asks me to make her a Black Forest cake for her birthday

Choc-brandy truffles at Christmas

Christmas pudding

The roots of the jade plant that had to be removed when the veranda was extended

Gorgeous brown horses and a little pony who walked beside them. This is a cart ride in Switzerland

On the cart ride we came across these children with alpacas

Grand Canyon

We stopped here in Idaho to take photos of this amazing bridge

Where else but Pier 39 in San Francisco; I could sit and watch these guys for hours :-) and yes they did move every now and then

one of the lovely buildings in Lancaster PA

Death mask of Abraham Lincoln

This area in the city of York (UK) is known as 'The Shambles'. the buildings are very close together
Well I hope you enjoy my brown pics.


Dorothy said...

Mmmmmmmm brown stuff - my fave is made by Cadburys !! xox

Kirsty @ Bowerbird Blue said...

this post is making me hungry

Sue Grier said...

Wow food looks amazing. Starting to really love the colour brown. Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos Maria.

Susan said...

A fascinating collection of photos Maria. I love the cart ride in Switzerland... can imagine what fun it must have been.
That is one hearty Christmas pudding and, oh boy, that black forest cake - yum :D)