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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Flowers; some real, some not!

When I wrote about the Art Show in my previous post, I commented on a painting that I really liked...the nasturtiums. When I was helping with the Devonshire Teas yesterday, I took a photo with my phone. I still love it but I don't need it :-)

This large painting of poppies was done by Gwen Kelso whom I taught with a number of years ago. Since she retired , Gwen has entered her paintings in our art show most years. 

The painting above was won by DH a few years ago. He bought a ticket in a raffle run by St Vincent de Paul at a fete. He didn't really like it that much but hung it on the wall in the dining room any way. 

This is a tapestry version of a Van Gogh painting. DH's former mother in law came to our wedding and gave us this as her wedding gift. We treasure it because she stitched it herself. It normally hangs on the wall but the glass makes it difficult to get a photo without 'flashback'.

This hibiscus plant was a gift from a friend 2 Christmases ago. It has a delicate coloured flower.

Another one of my day lillies

The bunch of roses in the photo above were reduced from $9 to $3.60 in Woolworths and I reckoned that it wouldn't hurt the budget to buy a bunch at that price. The colour is really pretty and the buds have opened slowly. But they have absolutely no fragrance! But I expected that. The flowers in the photo below were grown in a friend's garden and they are all old varieties...and yes! they have the loveliest fragrance.

Last but not new eggplant has lots of flowers so here's hoping for a great crop.

1 comment:

Susan said...

I can see why the Nasturtiums painting caught your eye Maria - lovely colours too.
I really like the Poppies painting as well.
A beautiful tapestry gift :D)
I love the heady perfumes of the old roses - we used to have some in a former garden (came with the house). Totally intoxicating! That's a gorgeous pink, even if there was no perfume.
Cheers for now, Susan