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Sunday, July 1, 2012


Today I'm joining in again with Evi over at Sister Sun and the colour this week is Blue.

Blue dress and hat! at a local Brisbane Zoo with DDs

The bridesmaids at DD2's wedding with my best friend (DD1 is the matron of honour on right)

DD1, aged 9, in her school uniform

Mother of the bride in blue

DH's DD1 and DD2 in the ubiquitous Australian paddle pool :-)

The intense blue of the sea at the 'Hole in the rock' north island New Zealand

The long long jetty at Lucinda Point, north of Townsville

Kite flying at Moore Park Beach

Little 'ute' on Norfolk Island

An even cuter car on Norfolk Island

Another one of my garter stitch creations :-)

Part of the memorial erected in Cairns to the memory of those who died in the Mt Emerald plane crash (including DH's elder brother Keith)

The little blue micra that we hired for a holiday in Tasmania

Blue noodle box for homemade baking gift giving

A tub of Christmas gifts for a friend

Table set up in Library for a  staff morning tea to farewell a  

Blue lighting at Tattoo in Sydney

A view from the 'top' of the chairlift on the Isle of Capri

Nikki and I dressed in blue for my birthday celebrations last year; she crouched down to my level! lol

The blue hat that I wore everywhere in the US last year

Blue sign in New Zealand's north island

Blue/mauve wreath made by a friend
'Blue Christmas' at a cousin's place

Another slipstitch throw

Rainbow Bay near Coolangatta, Qld.


Dorothy said...

Great blue pics but the one with the two children in the backyard pool sent a chill down my back - I have an almost identical photo of my two girls in the same pool and I swear, at first glance, I wondered how you got hold of my photo. My photo would have been taken around 1979 in Canberra.

Linn said...

A lifetime of memories Maria!

duchess_declutter said...

wow that's a lot of blue Maria!
Great photos. Isn't it interesting to go back over older photos.
The Isle of Capri looks rather nice! cheers Wendy

Susan said...

Such a lot of memories of all sorts associated with your beaut photos Maria. The lovely colour blue shines through them all :D)

Mary said...

That is a funny blue theme set. Love it. Happy blue day.

Becky said...

WOW! You had a lot more blue to find - I really had to dig to find blue photos and then I got to thinking... isn't the next color Indigo? What am I going to do - I don't have any.... perhaps creativity and fresh pictures will have to be my way next week. :)