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Sunday, July 15, 2012

The class reunion...

Well the high school reunion has come and gone for 2012 and what a wonderful afternoon it turned out to be.
Irene brought a stack of old's my Year 10 class. Yes it was all girls and it was 10A2D. That means we were a mixture of Academic stream and Domestic Science (Home Economics). I remember that haircut; I told the hairdresser that I wanted a 'Beatle' haircut!
The squares are drawn around those who attended the reunion.  I'm in the back row, second on the left

These 2 were great athletes and Norelle on the right was Junior Dux in Year 10 and then  Senior Dux in year 12

Gary has been dogged by ill health for 20 years and is now in a wheelchair. I still remember him as a good looking young man!

We had huge platters of food to graze on while we chatted

these 2 haven't seen each other for years; apparently their very first kiss was with each other at high school

Some of the 'boys' who used to be in my year level

Jane, on the left, was the organiser of the reunion and is being presented with flowers to show our appreciation

There were lots of laughs during the afternoon....

Lots of chatting and reminiscing was going on... 

My mate Greg; we've known each other since primary school and I also taught his nephew.

Sharon, Jill, Julie and I. Sharon and Jill and I were also at primary school together

Jane, the organiser giving a little speech

My cheeky grin is what people remember about me from school days. Jean's photo caught me at it again! lol 
Some people I know dread school reunions but our group is so lovely. Some of our year level have passed away, some are fighting severe illnesses and couldn't join us so we are aware that making the most of our lives is important. There's no time for 'oneupmanship' or bitchiness...we're just all good mates with a lot of funny stories to tell.


Kayly said...

Glad you had a good reunion! That's a lovely photo of you.

Tanya said...

You're so lucky. Wish I was closer to my school friends. It is our 30yr next year and I am really going to try to make it.

Sue Grier said...

so great it was a fantastic afternoon for you. Love all the photo's. It truly was an amazing school!

Becky said...

My 30th reunion is this year but sadly we are not financially able to make the 800 mile trip to attend in September. And to make thing even more sad I just learned last night that a classmate died in his home earlier this month - he was only 48. I am very glad you all were able to get together to share so many happy memories and to make some new ones.