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Sunday, July 8, 2012


I've been over to Evi's blog here to have a look at her indigo photos and, as usual, there are some beautiful pics there. There is also some interesting information about the colour as well.
You know...some of my 'indigo photos' may actually be more classified as 'violet photos' but they look 'purply-blue' to me! lol

Lounging around in my PJs with great niece Lucy

My friend posted this photo on Facebook; the throw was a 40th wedding anniversary gift and used 40 different  colours

Family wedding which was masquerade theme in  some rhododendron gardens  in the Blue Mtns, (New South Wales). 

from my garden before being turned into moussaka

Remember this? the fabric which had a colour run ( but only the orange) when I washed it

A gift from my friend Lee; with those violets as decoration which to me look indigo ! lol

Both purple and the more usual coloured carrots

Purple carrots cut in rings

DH and I with Beau at the MGM Grand in Vegas

Forgotten about this photo...but definitely 'bluey-purple' 

At the family wedding next year in NZ, this lady will be 'mother of the bridegroom' :-)

Made this for a fellow blogger  Amy's  firstborn

You've seen this pic neighbour dressed up as the Mad Hatter

This is a photo from my former son in law...Christmas Lights in his home town in Colombia

Christmas display in Medelin, Colombia


Tanya said...

Gosh you have heaps of photos. I have really struggled to find indigo. Love the last two shots.

DEB said...

Great selection of indigo. I found it tricky but looks like you had loads of great photos.

Becky said...

WOW! You found a lot more than I was able. I'm going to see if I can see more indigo in my daily comings and goings.

kaiteM said...

Such a lovely collection of indigo photos. Now i'm going back in time to see how the exhibition went.

Evi said...

I'm enjoying seeing all the colour pics even while I'm away!
Thanks for joining in again!

Maria said...

Love all your Indigo Photos Maria.

Kirsty @ Bowerbird Blue said...

purple carrots are the best, a great collection.