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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Another slip stitch pattern...

Today I'm writing about a slip stitch pattern that was probably one of the first that I ever used. In the 1980s I used this pattern in vests/cardigans etc and it always looked so effective.
I 'resurrected' this pattern a few years ago when DH and I were having a driving holiday in the north island of New Zealand. I wanted something simple to work on in the evenings while DH watched the sports' channels.
On that holiday I started a throw rug using a purple mohair blend and a very 'fluffy' yarn that I bought on sale from Spotlight...10 balls for $5. This is what the rug looked like...

held up sideways

Now this photo below is of a swatch that I started knitting just recently, using this pattern. It looks completely different to the 'fluffy' yarn rug as the fluff hides the other vertical line of stitches.

The pattern is very simple...I still had this scrap of paper with the rows scribbled on it that I took to NZ instead of lugging along the larger knitting book.

And this is the printed pattern.

A very easy pattern but if knitting it into a garment, it's best to knit a size larger.

PS I'm all signed up for FNSI for this about you???


duchess_declutter said...

Lovely pattern Maria - I can see why you've decided to use it again. I like the 'mindless' ones too! Don't you love it too when you get a great bargain with wool. Doesn't happen too often for me though unfortunately. cheers Wendy

Maa said...

Yes, now's a good time to get bargains from Spotlight. I'm making something for myself in navy blue at the moment and it's slow going as I can't see it too well at night. Sue

Claud said...

You're so talented!

kaiteM said...

Thanks Maria, i hope it was okay to save that pattern photo. :)