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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

'Maria, always knitting...'

So commented a friend on my Facebook wall today. This friend has known me since the early 70s when I moved in next door to her mother's place...and I guess she knows me pretty well!
Today, I collected a knitting friend who does not drive and together we went to a Knit and Natter at Albany Creek library.

This is a fairly new K4BN group and the numbers are growing. Everyone busied themselves working on projects and every now and then we would take turns looking through the big bag of yarn that Karen, the organiser had brought along. A large amount of knitting yarn has been donated to our group by a gentleman whose wife has recently passed away. This lady, Sue, was a busy knitter who knitted samples for 'Jo Sharp' and she had left the most amazing (and expensive) yarns. The only drawback is the strong smell of mothballs/naphthalene on this yarn. If anyone knows an effective way to get rid of the smell, I would love to hear about it, because I brought home some of these beautiful yarns.

The blanket that I made out of donated squares. I had started sewing it together  at FNSI

Pam, the friend I gave a lift to, brought several bags of finished items to hand in, mostly rugs and blankets which are always needed. Two other ladies dropped by just to hand in bags of donations so Karen and Peter's truck would have been 'full up' for the trip home to Glasshouse. I handed in a blanket that I made out of some of the donated squares that I picked up last week as well as 3 of the 15 inch indigenous squares. I've slowed down a bit on that latter project but Sharon (the sew-up person for this project) was happy to add my contribution to the pile she has. Sharon almost has enough squares to sew up another blanket; she uses 20 per blanket.

We have a 'trade table' at some of the K&Ns to help raise funds for the group (like the old 'Bring and Buy')

Just a small part of today's donations

Last week at this library, Joy, Helen and I ran a 2 hour workshop  on beginning knitting, and the Librarian came to thank us for our efforts; feedback had been good. One of those ladies who attended the workshop joined us today.

The workshop at the library last week. Betty in the right foreground, joined us today.


Dorothy said...

Your Knit n Natter looks and sounds like fun - wish we had something like that here. It was very generous of that kind gentleman to donate his late wife's stash to K4BN. Her legacy will help many others. xoxox

Sue Grier said...

Looks like a great group Maria. Love to join but at work. I have just rediscovered knitting and have enjoyed making some basic scarves this winter.

kaiteM said...

So many things happening here, it's a joyful post. On the naphalene front, i just leave high smelling yarn outside, day and night, until the smells disappear. Sooner or later it should, especially with a bit of sun.