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Friday, July 13, 2012

High school reunion tomorrow...

Two hundred students started year 8 at my high school in 1964. A group of us has managed to 'find' just over 60 of these students and tomorrow there will be 33 of us getting together for what has become an annual event...a reunion. My tongue is firmly planted in my cheek as I type the know we've all changed a bit these past 48 years!! lol
The photo below is of my class 8A. There were 6 other Year 8 classes....

That's 13 year old me in the red rectangle and those classmates who are attending this reunion have blue lines pointing to them :-)
Our high school was built at the end of 1962 and opened in January 1963.  More blocks were built at the end of 1963 to cope with the influx of pupils; the first Year 8s in high school.
Former classmates at the 2010 reunion

One of our number, Jean, is a keen photographer, so she organises a very professional looking group photo (2010)

Last night 5 of us went out to dinner as 2 of our friends had flown in from Sydney for the reunion. There will be a number there tomorrow who have travelled from the Sunshine's a very popular area for people to retire to. There will be another friend travelling from Bundaberg and there are others coming from a number of rural areas.

This is the 2011 reunion and our numbers had grown...
Tomorrow the venue for the get together, is the hotel in the suburb where we all went to school. Our beloved school was sold, demolished, and became a housing estate in the late 1990s but the hotel is still standing. The hotel was a bit 'of a dive' but I'm pleased to say that a few year's ago it has undergone extensive renovations and is a very nice venue. When we first had reunions there was always some people that I didn't recognise...let's see what happens tomorrow! lol


Mary said...

How very fun for you. Have a rip roaring time. I laugh so much at reunions...cannot believe the things people have done since way it. Enjoy yourself.

Sue Grier said...

Wow Maria,
Can you believe I went to Newmarket High and so did all my sisters. I was there in the late seventies. Have a wonderful reunion.

Sam Grayson said...

Wow, I have just found this post, I went to Newmarket high in 64/65 class 3S and 4S. Shocked to learn the school is no more, so where is the High school now?
Sam Grayson