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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Returning the favour, 26 years later...

My friend Pamela rang me the other day asking when it would be convenient for her to come over and get some help shortening a new pair of  pants. We organised a time and over she came. Here brother is getting married on July 14 and the black jersey pants she had bought to go with a beautiful top she had already bought, were far too long.
That morning, as would have it, I had been looking through boxes of photos and I found these 2 photos...
These pics were taken in September 1986 just before the family were leaving on a 6 week holiday south to Sydney and then Melbourne. A mother at the playgroup I went to with DD2 had told me how wonderful these stretch jeans in Big W were, so I bought a pair. They were too long (as usual) and Pamela came over to help me shorten them. (they were the best buy ever and I wore them for years until they just about fell apart)

Standing on the small table

being pinned up

So yesterday we're doing the same thing but in reverse. Pam asked what she could stand on so that I didn't have to crouch down on the floor. I said that the floor would be fine as the last thing she needed was to lose her balance and topple off a table or bench. I reminded her that the last time she lost her balance (on a staircase a few years ago) she broke her shoulder :-(. You see we're not as young as we used to be! lol

Too long...

I took a photo of the back view to show her how she looked as her DH had made some unflattering comments apparently

 No photo of the shortened pants as my job was just to get them pinned in the right place ready for Pam to hem them at home. Now Pamela also has a matching skirt for this outfit which she bought recently at the same shop where she had bought the top 2 years ago. It was such luck to get a skirt to match the tank top. She is still unsure of whether she will wear the skirt of the pants...I guess I'll find out her decision when we see the photos!

Seeing the lovely colours in that jacket reminded me of the quandary I've been in...what is the colour indigo? I had always assumed it was the dark blue in shibori type fabrics. So I googled the colour and found definitions such as 'a colour between purple and blue' and I found this page of indigo images...quite a range and even more confusing. LOL


Becky said...

I know what you mean... I'm thinking me and a couple tubes of Indigo paint may have some fun over the weekend!~

Susan said...

Always good to have a pretty jacket - very versatile as your friend Pamela has shown :D)