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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Colour Black...

I thought that because we had completed the rainbow in Sister Sun's Monday feature, that that was it. So I was thrilled to see that we are continuing on and this week Evi 's focus is on black.
DH and I have quite a large collection of digital photos, as well as 'older' prints. Much is stored on the portable hard drive, especially our holiday shots which number in the thousands. yesterday I trawled through some holiday photos, looking for 'black' and had a wonderful time remembering people we met and places we saw. My mother had a great dislike of black clothing and 'after I left her control' I did buy/make a number of black garments, especially jumpers, jackets and skirts. She would regularly tell me that 'I shouldn't wear black' because her and Nanna (her mum) did not like it! lol
Over the years though I found that I had trouble distinguishing between black and the very dark navy blue. Many a time I picked up navy blue wool instead of the black or bought a navy blue tank top thinking it was black. People said that when I had my cataract operations that that would it hasn't. But I live with it and check ball bands for the numbers.
So anyway here are my 'black' photos...

Graduation at Central Queensland Uni, Rockhampton; I completed the degree via external studies

Ready for a day's teaching as a supply teacher; early 1990s

Finally got a pet dog when I was 46

Steam train excursion

Shops in Chester, England

The lovely waitress and I at the little tearoom where I celebrated my 60th  with friends for High Tea

A visitor in our garden

Black edging on donated squares

Magpie visiting our garden

Yep! I'm in black again; this time for Melbourne Cup function

Statue of Montgomery in London

With my nephew Gregg in London

Old sewing machines in the window of a clothing shop in Santa Monica

At Ben Nevis in Scotland

 Below, dressed as Miss Clavell (the nun) for Book Week. My teaching partner Nola is dressed as a witch. At lunch time we walked to the local shops still in costume! lol

Police in Pisa

A policeman in Rome

A McDonald's sign in  Salzburg; you have to look very closely lol


Susan said...

I just love your hat and coat you wore in the photo with your nephew in London.
The black edging really makes the squares come to life!
You've visited a lot of interesting places too.
A beaut collection of blacks Maria.

fabriquefantastique said...

lovely 'personal' photos,

DEB said...

What a great variety of pictures.

Mary said...

Triumph for black every use. I do not look that good in black, but I wear if occasionally. You look good in it.

Kirsty @ Bowerbird Blue said...

oh magpies, they're a wonderful black. love your black hats.

Becky said...

The Police Officer's look VERY stern! And I love the old Steam Engine!I'd hate to be the one that had to repaint that building in Chester, England... WOW!