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Sunday, July 15, 2012

The colour violet-purple...

Once again I'm joining in with Evi and this week's colour is a favourite of mine just like last week's indigo!
So there are a few photos of me wearing violet-purple in the collection :-)

A knitted throw made for one of our girls when she was working in the UK; something warm from home :-)

These are actually kites, tethered on the sands at Moore Park Beach, Qld

At Floriade in Canberra

A favourite scarf bought on a holiday to Scotland. Behind me is a beautiful  tapestry of hydrangeas made by SIL, Mary.

More of Mary's beautiful work; this time a table runner for Christmas

Lunching with my friend Liz,  with me dressed in a purple blouse:-)

Close up of the embroidery on a supper cloth I bought years ago in a secondhand shop

Bit blurry but it's the Lone Piper at the close of the performance of the Tattoo in Sydney

Our jacaranda tree in bloom

The flower of the petrea volubilis, commonly known as the sandpaper vine

Floral arrangement DH and I gave to his brother and  partner of 31 years at their wedding last year :-)

The 'stole' for the new priest at Green Hills parish

A sweet potato (kumara) vine flower

The notebook in which I keep details of knitting projects eg number of stitches, size of needles etc

Getting a bit familiar with George Clooney in Madame Tussaud's on Hollywood Bvld

I did say it was a favourite colour of mine...

On a tour of the Harbour in Hong Kong and yep! wearing purple!

A friend painted this as a wall decoration at our wedding in 2004

Hydrangeas were not in season so I chose irises for our bouquets instead. Love them just as much though 


Dorothy said...

Great pics

Tanya said...

The Lone Piper is very clever but my favourite has to be the one of you in the purple scarf. Love your smiling face.

Becky said...

OH I love your photos! Purple is definitely YOUR color.