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Sunday, October 2, 2011

The weekend...

The weekend has just flown! Firstly yesterday, the builder who is going to do the repairs on our side verandah came around with the contract to be signed. Then in the afternoon, DH and I went to a matinee performance of the 'Mikado' which was presented by an amateur theatre group called  The Savoyards. The director turned out to be an actor, Eric Hauff,  who had worked with DH in the 1999 production of 'Tarantara' in which  DH played the role of Sir Arthur Sullivan (of Gilbert and Sullivan fame). And that's how Eric greeted DH yesterday as 'Sir Arthur'. Eric is now 81 years old and shows no sign of slowing down. the show was wonderful; I enjoyed every minute of it!  The amateur theatre groups here represent good value for money and are much more affordable than the ones in the performing Arts Centre.

DH as Sir Arthur Sullivan

Today DH and his brother D trimmed some branches of 2 trees that are near the side veranda. There is now a clear go for the builder who plans to start work tomorrow. My SIL rang at one stage to check whether D was not climbing up the ladder as he is still experiencing discomfort in the leg in which he broke a small bone earlier this year. I passed the phone to him to explain... Let me add that it was very windy today and later I was looking from the kitchen towards the veranda and saw my BIL on the ladder which was propped against the tree which was swaying. He was trying to hang on to the ladder AND the chainsaw!! DH was down the front and couldn't see this. I called out for him to come quickly, which he did...and the big bro' rescued his little brother.phew!

BIL in the neighbour's yard setting up

To the rescue

eddie didn't like the noise of the chainsaw

This afternoon was the NRL grand final between Manly and the NZ team the Warriors.  It's a bit of a tradition that my brother comes over for grand finals and this year was no exception. My nephews didn't come this year so the tray of snacks I prepared was just for DH and my brother. Manly won but I didn't take much notice as I was still knitting squares for the K4BN weekend challenge.

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Susan said...

Good on you doing the knitting as mentioned in your previous post!

Oh my goodness, men... and the situations they get into when working. Lol! Good thing you were watching ;D)

Cheerio for now :D)