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Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Yesterday I posted the squares that I knitted for the monthly challenge. I ended up completing 14 and used 2 balls of Carnival variegated 8 ply. I've been checking the forum page to see what the latest tally of squares made is. No new figures today so far, but yesterday a total of 656 had been recorded. I think there will be more as many members have indicated that they will continue to make squares until the end of the week :-). At the moment there are enough squares to make 6 full sized blankets, which is great news!

I'm working on some other projects so no more square knitting for me at the moment. Some are 'secret projects' but I'm also still sewing squares (other ones donated) into blankets as well as my 'quadrilateral' blues, mauves,pinks project. (the shape is 4 sided and looks like a kite shape)

The builder arrived Monday to start work on repairing the verandah. First day was digging holes in rock hard ground and yesterday he put in the metal stirrups encased in concrete. He's a hard worker and we've been so lucky to find him. For small jobs, many don't even turn up to give a quote. Tomorrow he will be removing some of the floorboards and getting it all level as it was built previously in a manner that could be described as 'undulating'!

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Maria said...

You go girl with those knitting needles.

You will love the verandah when it is done.