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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The birds...

As I typed the title I thought of the Hitchcock movie of the same name, but this post is not scary like that! lol
The work on the side veranda continues, with the part demolition of the structure to allow for repairs and a slight extending of the width. The railings have gone and it has reminded me of those verandas on the old homesteads of the early settlers; it's quite open as a result. I was pottering around in the loungeroom late one afternoon last week when I thought I heard someone walking around on the veranda. The noise persisted but there was no knock at the door or a voice calling out. So I looked out the sliding door....and there was a large black crow looking back at me. He calmly continued to strut around for a while, then flew off.

The start of pulling down some of the veranda; look how untidy it is under there? lol

A day later I heard a similar noise on the veranda and looked out an caught a glimpse of a magpie helping him or herself to the cat's dry food bowl. This time I managed to get some photos!

Oops! The front steps have gone!

 Russell, the builder was there too and we both wondered if dry cat food is able to be digested by magpies. We are discouraged from feeding native animals by wildlife experts but this guy was helping him/herself! lol

Building work has now slowed down as the roofing structure won't be ready to be delivered until early next week. With it being the storm season already, Russell is leaving the old roof and its posts in place until the new roof arrives.


bettsylyn said...

Magpies come in and steal my dog's food all the time - it drives her nuts. They don't seem to have had any ill effects from eating the bigger stuff. Crows get on our tine roof and make a terrible noise too.

Tanya said...

That additional space is going to make a big difference. Don't forget to show us more photos when it gets finished.