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Monday, October 24, 2011

A knitting pattern...

Many years ago a friend gave me a knitting book by Kaffe Fassett. The book contained patterns for the most beautiful multi coloured garments. I had previously knitted 'picture knits' for my children as well as for items donated to fetes and street stalls and had a working knowledge of knitting with several colours per row...but I never really liked it!
Then I bought a publication called 'Mon Tricot; a knitting stitch dictionary. One of the most exciting things that I discovered in Mon Tricot was 'slip-stitch' patterns. For those not familiar with these, they offer an easy way to do multi-coloured knitting projects. There is only ever one colour per row but when you slip stitches (slide onto right needle without knitting the stitch) you are able to bring colours from previous rows up to the row presently being knitted. Around about the same time as buying Mon Tricot, I also started buying a weekly craft mag called 'Silver needles' and I discovered more slipstitch patterns in that. I started experimenting on children's jumpers and cardigans and I found that it was possible to get 'the look' of some of Kaffe's garments by using the simpler slipstitch patterns. I also purchased the Harmony Guides to Knitting Stitches for even more designs.

I actually started knitting throws instead of crocheting afghans for charity around about this time too. I was a stay at home mum and knitting made yarn go further. I used a lot of slipstitch  patterns in these throws. The photo shows a baby throw I made for a nephew. That pattern is just called 'waffle pattern'.

Edward's baby rug

Another favourite pattern is the one I'm using for the throw that I'm working on at the moment. It doesn't have a name in the 'Harmony Guide to Knitting Stitches; Volume 3', it's just labelled 11.20. It's super easy to do and grows quite quickly. I first used mohair to make up this design when a friend gave me a bag of mohair yarn with 3 different colours and asked me to knit her a throw. Then after that one was completed I thought that I would make another one in mohair to send to DH's DD1 who was working in the UK. (the mohair is incredibly light to post) Another one went to a friend in New Zealand who was dying of cancer, and now I'm working on a fourth one. I'd like to share the pattern for a throw here. The details of actual stitches etc are 194 stitches for 10-12ply mohair on 6mm circular needles will give you a width of 120cm.
The original 3 colour throw

Sorry about the 'list to the right' of the image!! Also disregard the diagram on the top righthand side; it belongs to another pattern and I couldn't get the 'crop' to remove it. :-(

However this pattern can be used for smaller items and looks great as a border on a garment.

 Peter's throw; sadly, he's since passed away
This throw had quite a few colours in it and has travelled to the UK and is now back 'living' in country Wandoan!

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Linn said...

You are a very talented knitter Maria. They are absolutely gorgeous throws!