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Friday, October 14, 2011


Now if you have been a  reader of this blog  for a while you may remember my mentioning that one of my goals since my retirement was to get more exercise and raise my fitness level at least a bit :-) One Friday I wrote about my efforts with my exercise bike.

When I started in earnest last December to get fit, I struggled even with the setting at the lowest tension. Now I'm at level 4 and do 31 minutes at least once a day and sometimes twice. To make the time go quickly my iPod is loaded with quite a selection of  music and especially the 60s and 70s; nothing too slow and with a good solid beat!  Sometimes I've read while I rode and I've toyed with uploading a talking book from the library on to my iPod as another way of passing the time.  
However, (she says with tongue firmly in cheek) would my stamina have improved more quickly if I had one of these bikes  here ? I believe the video is French and is an ad for bottled water...sacre bleu!... what will they think of next? lol
WARNING: I wouldn't suggest looking at all the other videos in the series as some are quite 'tasteless' and could offend. I believe they are all ads in various parts of the world.

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Naturally Carol said...

Hi Maria..good on you! I think even increasing fitness by a little is a good thing. I am trying to do the same.