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Thursday, October 13, 2011

On my mind...a new project on the needles

Today I'm joining in the regular Friday feature at Rhonda's Down to Earth blog , On my Mind...a new knitting project.

Most of the yarns I'm using have been odd balls purchased on Ebay at very reasonable prices

On my mind today is a new knitting project that I finally got started on last week. There were a couple of reasons for my tardiness in starting; one major reason was that I was still collecting yarns as I had decided that I wanted to use 40 different colours of mohair. I'm not going to explain the 'whys' just yet but all will be revealed in a month or so :-) . Another reason for dithering about starting was that the colours had to 'run' in a certain way and there was a mental block for a while. The photos show how I sorted and numbered balls of yarn, then bagged them up. The captions on the photos explain that the yarns come from a number of sources; I've used yarns bought on a NZ holiday, a Tassie holiday, a craft show or two and of course Ebay.

When DH and I travel I often buy beautiful yarns from markets and shops. This beauty came from Salamanca Markets in Hobart

Progress after 3 days

Progress at the end of week 1

It's a throw if you haven't already guessed and it's a gift for a friend who doesn't follow my blog. It is approximately 2 years late as the significant event it celebrates was 2 years ago this month....but you doesn't pay to rush things!!!

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Becky said...

That is AMAZING!