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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My last post was about knitting and Linn from here left a lovely comment about the examples of my work. Thank you Linn, but trust me, the actual knitting is VERY simple. Maybe tackling a throw with 194 stitches per row might be a bit intimidating at first but why not try the pattern out (double click on it to make it larger and hopefully readable) on say, a scarf? With scraps of 8 ply, 4.50 needles for example and 42 stitches, a beautiful scarf would quickly emerge. On a smaller scale why not knit a mini scarf in Christmas colours for a favourite teddy??? (that's for us here in Australia but in places where it's cold a human-sized one would be great to make and wear)

This baby blankie is made with variegated yarn with soft white acrylic yarn as main colour. The pattern is the waffle pattern, the same as the baby throw in the previous post, but even easier to knit as only 2 colours :-)

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Maria said...

Your knitting is really beautiful Maria.