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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Infusions and updates...

Today I had an iron infusion. The last one I had was in February this year and the iron levels had started to drop in recent months. The GP and specialist both agreed that I wasn't yet anaemic but steadily heading that way and an 'iron top up' was the way to go. I've had 4 infusions before but this was the first time that I noticed a difference in energy levels straight away, so that's really pleasing.

The work on the side veranda continues with only the tiniest bit of work still to be done. Now the building work meant some trimming of trees and even the removal of a plant from the front. The crepe myrtles at the side were trimmed/lopped not once, but twice. Firstly my BIL brought his chainsaw over and he and DH cut off over-hanging branches. Then my elderly neighbour Tom was upset and cross at us for not lopping off branches on his side of the fence. So my brother brought his fancy telescopic chainsaw around and he and DH took off the other offending branches. My brother also took all the branches away and mulched them at his place. I would have loved some of that mulch but I guess Harry and Myra need it more at their place ( a huge property in the range behind Brisbane).

The trees with their new spring growth

After the second trimming

Cutting up the branches ready to go into the van

Lots of new growth

Last week I noticed that the crepe myrtle trees were covered in lots of 'shoots'...they should grow lovely and leafy over the next month or so and not look so bare. that will give us back some privacy and more importantly...some shade. Next post I'll show some more photos of the veranda. DH and i are very pleased with it! :-)

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