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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Patience pays off...

Last Friday I wrote about a knitting project that I'm currently working on. It is a throw which will be a gift for a friend and I'm hoping to complete it in the next couple of weeks. It is a simple slipstitch pattern and as I said in the Friday post, it has 40 colours to celebrate a significant event for my friend. The project has rows of 194 stitches and I'm using various mohair yarns. Knitting that number of stitches in a row takes a bit of time and you can imagine my reaction when, on Monday night as I neared the end of a row, I realised there were not the correct number of stitches on the needles; I was 1 stitch short. I checked and re-counted but didn't seem to have made a mistake in that row. Unfortunately the colour before this one was very close in hue and even with the Daylight lamp I couldn't see the pattern of stitches clearly. I decided that it was important to me that I get it right...sometimes you can 'fudge things' a bit in knitting but I wasn't able to work out how at that time. It was late so I left it and went to bed.

Next morning after breakfast I started to unravel the row, one stitch at a time, picking up each stitch as I pulled out the row...I would never pull such a project completely off the needles and 'pull out' and pick up from there. I counted and still was missing a I started unravelling the next row down...and I found the mistake in the first 5 stitches of that row...2 stitches had been knitted together which is easy to do with mohair. DH was speaking to someone on the phone, so I wrote on a piece of paper and held it up to him...'The missing stitch has been found!' lol
After that I was right and I soon re-knitted the rows and then some more!


Tanya said...

Thank goodness you found it. I thought you were going to say you had to go 5 rows back! I would never be brave enough to pull it entirely off the needles either. I like the 40 colours idea, nice representation.

Kayly said...

Now, this is exactly why I like crochet, so easy to 'unpick'. I would have competely mucked this up. Glad you were able to fix it, because it is looking beautiful.